Yamaha P95 Digital Piano Reviews


The Yamaha P95 digital piano is an excellent choice for pianists of any skill level looking for a full-sized, yet lightweight model. It is great for travel, those with limited living space, or anyone in need of a MIDI controller as well as a digital piano hybrid at a reasonable price.

Digital piano reviews were lucky enough to get the opportunity to demonstrate this digital piano. It has 10 different sounds and offered many advantages over their acoustic counterparts that include cost, portability, MIDI interface ports, and headphone connection. We have demoed a few beats such as jazz, high tone, string, choir, vibratone, rock, etc.

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The Yamaha P95 is the best compromise in cost and acoustic piano feel. This instrument offers very good value for the money and comes with a full set of 88 keys with some weighted action, features that used to be sold at a premium. This digital piano also can combine grand piano 1 and 2 to get a really good sound.

For the money, Digital piano reviews think this is one of the best buys out there. If you are looking a great piano, sound quality, feel of the key then the answer is Yamaha P95.

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