Sony Class Z9G 85 Inch 8K TV Review


Step into the Sony world with Sony Class Z9G 85-inch 8K TV powered by X1 Ultimate PRO processor and master series. This Smart TV comes with the creator’s intent by combining 8K HDR and master series technology.

You will get to experience clear images both when you are close to the TV and when sitting on a couch at the center of your living room. Sony has upscale its pixel from 8 million in 4K TV to 33 million pixels in this 8K TV.

Also, this TV has two built-in subwoofers that are contributing to it being bulky. The 8K content consists of 5 pieces of 60 fps that is created and mastered by Sony.

On the downside, this TV is not able to play YouTube’s 8K videos. Here is what I found out about Sony Class Z9G 85 Inch 8K TV Review.

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Who is the Sony Class Z9G 85-inch 8K TV for?

This TV is suitable for people who are looking forward to viewing clear and detailed images especially if you have a large living room for this TV. This will allow you to view large and clear images from the center of your room.

Also, if you are operating in large cinema areas with a big screen then this TV is ideal as your audience will be able to view more clear images. The TV will be able to convert all the content your audiences are viewing to 8K resolution.

Besides if you enjoy viewing 8K high-quality images that are dynamic and clear then this TV is ideal for you and you should invest in getting this TV although it will cost you an arm and leg.

You should have enough money to invest in external speakers if you want to enjoy high-quality, soft, and relating audio which can convert your home into a small cinema studio.

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Benefits of Sony Class Z9G 85-inch 8K TV

1. Backlight technology

It comes with Sony’s backlight master technology which controls LED dimming zones, and this is enhanced with 8K-X tended Dynamic Range PRO technology and thus manipulates lighting technology and delivers the kind of brightness that suits you.

2. Full array LED

3700 nits of brightness make this TV extremely bright even during daylight you can be able to view clear images which do not interfere with background light. This level of brightness is impacted by the power consumption and the content being displayed on the screen.

3. Vibrant color shades from different viewing angle

Wide viewing angle technology in this TV ensures that you view images that are clear even on when you are viewing from the side.

4. HDR technology

With this technology, images are deep black and bright white. Therefore, you will have experience viewing good quality images irrespective of the time of the day or amount of light. However, the image might be greyer if the shot had a lot of low brightness to cope with in the background. Generally, 8K Sony images are outstanding and of high quality.

More benefits

The Gran Turismo footage enhances the brightness of this TV and thus you will enjoy a full range of brighter and clear images.

It also enhances the motion of this TV to look lovely and stable. It has BVM-X300 OLED monitors which make this TV extremely powerful while the images are clear, dynamic, and precise.

Sony Class Z9G 85 Inch 8K TV comes with lovely light management while you are viewing images on low dim areas. This will give you a chance to view high-quality images at any given time of the day.

However, the selling point of this laptop must be the stellar auto mix audio which offers soothing and soft sound thus making you feel like you are in a small theater room.

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Pros and Cons of Sony Class Z9G 85 Inch 8K TV


  • Excellent upscaling from 4K to 8K resolution and thus images will be extremely clear and large. Therefore, you will enjoy immersive greater and high-quality images.
  • Exceptionally clean images make this TV powerful and are enhanced with the latest graphic and processor.
  • It is faster due to Android which ensures that it renders images at a higher speed and the images are clean.
  • Many connectivity features including Alexa, Airplay 2, and Home kit and you can be able to stream as you watch your TV.
  • More wide viewing angle due to its 85-inch screen and high resolution of 8K resolution.
  • Stunning 8K picture quality for more clean and bright images


  • Some backlight blooming when the shot has excessive low brightness in the background
  • No full HDMI 2.1 support and thus you will not be able to stream from YouTube or Netflix
  • No HDR 10+ support and thus the black images will not be deep black as should be because it is not supported by HDR10+ technology
  • It is extremely bulky because of the speakers at the front of this TV and LED lighting technology.


Sony Class Z9G 85 Inch 8K TV will give you a high-end experience of 8K images which is enhanced with huge brightness, color, and contrast, and HDR support technology.

With the help of Dynamic Backlight Control, this 8K TV can improve energy efficiency thus adjusting display brightness when picture content changes.

The display off mode helps save energy by turning the picture display off without turning off the TV and in this case, it is environmentally friendly.

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