*NEW* The Sony Class Z8H 85 Inch 8K TV Review


The Most Comprehensive Sony Class Z8H 85 Inch 8K TV Review – Who is the Sony Class Z8H 8K TV for, Features, Benefits, and Drawbacks. Read it Now and Enjoy it!

Take your TV viewing experience to another level with the new Sony Class Z8H 85-inch 8K TV that combines a wide contrast, more variety of colors, and extremely bright images which are HDR friendly.

Sony has incorporated advances in technology by designing this 8K TV which will give you an immersive TV viewing experience.

The 8K resolution makes this TV outstanding and is enhanced with an HDMI cable connection capable of receiving 8K/60HZ sources and 4K/120Hz which supports gaming.

With the 2500 nits of brightness, this TV ensures that you view super bright images. Let us look at Sony Class Z8H 85 Inch 8k TV Review in detail.

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Who is the Sony Class Z8H 85-inch 8K TV for?

Sony Class Z8H 85-inch 4K TV is ideal for people who are interested in the 8K resolution pixels of 7680 x 4320. This is the highest resolution and therefore images are very bright and there is no interference on images being blurred or dark.

It is also suitable for people who want a TV android smart system and thus you will take advantage of built-in features such as Google Assistant voice control for Android. This TV is supported by Android 9 and you will get advanced features of android such as a faster processor.

If you are working in a studio then this TV is ideal for you because you will be able to edit your videos easily as you view clear images.

If you are in cinema production, then this TV is suitable because of the clear and detailed images that offer a continuous immersive experience.

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Benefits of Sony Z8H 85 Inch 8K TV

1. Best in class picture processor X1 Ultimate

This TV is powered by the X1 Ultimate processor and therefore produces high quality and fine images. You will be able to enjoy your TV by viewing images that are very clear and more detailed. This is enhanced with excellent motion processing which is consistent during your viewing experience.

2. HDR friendly technology

With this TV it is easily compatible with HDR and therefore images are bright white and deep black. This remastering technology is the selling point of this Sony TV and therefore is effective, intelligent, and realistic.

3. Responsive gaming, effortless control

With this TV you will enjoy a fast gaming experience when you connect the HDMI console in which it quickly recognizes and changes to gaming. You will be able to enjoy your immersive gaming experience with this TV. Hence, you will enjoy a smooth and responsive game as you can control PlayStation with a remote.

4. Extraordinary Resolution

This is achieved with the 8K resolution which is 2 times than the normal 4K resolution. This TV analyzes data carefully with the 8K database and this will result in high-quality images.

More benefits

Sony Class Z8H 85 Inch 8k TV has a true contrast and precise controlled feature. This high end 8K TV has Full Array LED contrast which is enhanced and thus enhancing lighter areas and dark areas.

Also, contrast is further enhanced by 8K-X tended dynamic range pro which adjusts brightness higher further.

Furthermore, the built-in speakers on TV make it produce soft and good quality audio and this is because the speakers are properly integrated into the frame which balances between high-quality pictures and high-quality sound.

Pros and cons of Sony Class Z8H 85 Inch 8K TV


  • Best all-round LCD TV pictures – This TV gives an experience of viewing extremely bright images and beautiful colors due to the latest X1 Ultimate processor. Thus, you will see continuous immersive high-quality images.
  • No external speakers required – The built-in speakers in frames eliminate the need of buying external speakers which is costly and therefore it saves you money.
  • It is an Android TV smart system – You will be able to enjoy your TV viewing experience using Android 9 with built-in features such as Google Assistant voice control.
  • It is affordable – The features in this TV compared with its price are worth and therefore it is value for the money.
  • It is faster and powerful due to its latest processor which ensures that images are brighter and clear.


  • It has limited support – This TV provides only 1 HDMI cable connection and limits other features in which people are looking for in a TV including streaming from YouTube.
  • It has no variable refresh rate – When you are gaming you do not have different option for gaming, and this limit this TV compared to its price.
  • It is very heavy – It weighs 149 pounds and therefore is not easily convenient or portable.

Features of Sony Class Z8H 85 Inch 8K TV

  • 8K screen resolution of 7680X4320 pixels for larger and brighter images
  • 84.6 Inch Screen measured diagonally
  • Powered by X1 Ultimate processor for real-time and ultra-realistic images
  • High dynamic range Dolby Vision, HDR10 more contrast and brighter images
  • Full array direct-lit LED backlight
  • 8K X-tended Dynamic range PRO for brighter whiter and deep black images
  • X-Wide Angle technology for wide and large contrast when viewing from the sides
  • Netflix calibrated mode mimics setting for accurate images


Sony Class Z8H 85 Inch 8K TV is the best TV you can ever have from Sony which I recommend you get. It gives you immersive high-quality pictures and the brightest images in which you will enjoy a continuous viewing experience with the unique and outstanding 8K display. It is further enhanced with the latest android 9 which lets you enjoy faster and powerful viewing.

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