*The NEW* Sony Class Z8H 75 Inch 8K TV Review


The Ultimate and Complete Sony Class Z8H 75 Inch 8K TV Review, where I examine the features, benefits, and drawbacks. A complete product teardown. Check it out!

Do you love Sony TV brands or electronics? Well, good news for you since now Sony also has 8K TV. The Sony Class Z8H 75 Inch 8K TV is an advanced model from the Sony 4K since it is more powerful in processing videos and images

The TV is also quite large, considering it measures about 75 inches wide so that you can get an excellent and comfortable viewing. The HDR pictures displayed in this Sony TV model are super comfortable for all, including people with eye problems or kids.

What more will you love on this TV? Here is more information worth noting about Sony Class Z8H 75 Inch 8K TV.

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Who is this product for?

Budget cautious individuals

Source: Amazon.com

Sony has invented other 8K TVs previously, but if you compare the price with this Sony Class Z8H 75 Inch 8K TV, this model is more affordable.

The difference will probably be the size since the previous 8 K models were available in 85 and 98 inches. However, this Sony Class Z8H 75 Inch 8K TV has almost similar features and design that will boost your TV viewing at home.

With that said, this TV is perfect for streaming movies, programs, and other channels that your family loves. You can keep your kids busy by streaming the latest animated cartoons on this TV.

The other categories of people who may love this TV are gamers. This is because the TV has an inbuilt HDMI input that can receive the 8k/60Hz sources and 4k/120Hz. Therefore, you can connect your favorite gaming consoles to enjoy some game time with your friends.

This TV has excellent contrast and defined saturated colors that display the 2020 images as they are. Thus, you do not have to worry about getting washed images on your TV.

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Benefits of Sony Class Z8H 75 Inch 8K TV

Image Source: Amazon.com
  • Affordable: It is not easy to find a relatively cheaper 8 K brand, especially from Sony and other large brands like Samsung. But this time around, Sony has come through for you. Boosting an 8 K resolution power, this Sony model is more affordable than other previous models. This TV costs around 5,999 dollars, unlike the earlier models that cost a whole 70,000 dollars. So, you can still enjoy high contrasts, bright pictures, and streaming from this TV.
  • The user-friendly and excellent brightness level: Everybody wants a TV that has a perfect brightness level regardless of the time you watch it. This Sony TV features 2500 nit’s brightness, which brings out the HDR viewing. Still, the TV has backlit essential for retaining the brightness and consistency even when watching TV night. Regardless of the brightness the TV is adjusted at, the pictures displayed remain the same throughout. This is because the TV has enough colors that balance the brightness level.
  • Anti-refection: This is another trait that makes this TV stand out from others. The TV brightness does not alter the viewing since it has an anti-reflection screen design that ensures to block any foreign object from displaying. So, you get to watch your TV uninterrupted. This is a plus when watching the TV during the day, as the natural light does not cause shadowing.
  • Multiple set up modes: This Sony Class Z8H 75 Inch 8K TV comes with two metal feet to suit people who may want to place the TV on a console. However, if you have small kids in the house, you can still mount the TV on the wall.
  • Slim frames: This Sony TV model features slim frames that are almost invisible to minimize distractions when watching TV from different angles.


  • This TV is super affordable compared to other 8K Sony models
  • Mounting it to the wall is easy and fast
  • The TV has quality brightness that boosts viewing
  • The TV features premium built for quality and durability
  • The TV has a metallic finish that is smooth to the eyes
  • This Sony TV supports the majority of the latest gaming consoles
  • The buttons have backlit for convenient viewing when changing at night
  • This Sony TV displays images as they appear on the TV
  • This TV has the best LCD picture display


  • Only one HDMI on this TV supports the gaming console, which may limit some game lovers
  • This TV does not support the playbacks using USB
  • You cannot stream your movies or music using YouTube with this TV
  • The 8k is limited
  • The feet frames are not adjustable in height


  • This TV has quality HDR picture quality display
  • The TV has backlit to retain dark shadows on dark images
  • The TV has high contrast and light consistency throughout
  • The TV has a speaker system for the best audios


Sony Class Z8H 75 Inch 8K TV is an android TV that has smart TV features and functions. This TV has perfect brightness levels and great colors that display real pictures and images. The TV has a speaker system that delivers quality and crispy clear audios. It is an affordable 8K TV that you and your family will enjoy.


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