Williams Overture 88 Key Digital Piano Reviews


The Williams Overture is a console-style 88-Key digital piano with a sliding key-cover and full vanity panel. The Overture features an 88-note hammer-action keyboard with a selectable touch response.

Digital piano reviews have gone over the William overture to find out whether this digital piano is worth for its price. In fact, if you are a beginner, buying a Williams digital piano may turn out to be a good bargain.

This piano has a classy look and carries all the bells and whistles like any other electronic keyboards, and it sounds perfect for its price. The package came very well protected. It does not include any instruction for the assembly, but laying out the few pieces on the floor, everything looked very obvious. I don’t think anyone will have a problem figure it out.

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Here digital piano reviews have listed some of the other features you can expect from William Overture 88-key portable digital piano:

  • 88 full-size hammer-action weighted keys with selectable touch response
  • 64 note polyphony
  • 15 voices (Piano1, Piano2, Honky-Tonk, Electric Piano, FM Electric Piano, Vibraphone, Harpsichord, Clavinet, Nylon String Guitar, Church Organ, Jazz Organ, Rock Organ, Strings, Slow Strings, Synth Strings)
  • USB/MIDI connectivity provides 128 GM voices plus 8 Drums/Percussion kits
  • Full, Layer, and Duet keyboard modes
  • Reverb and Chorus effects
  • Metronome
  • 2-Track, 3,000+ note non-volatile recorder
  • 58 practice songs with separate Left hand and Right hand training
  • Built-in amplified speakers
  • 2 Headphone jacks allow silent practice mode
  • Stereo Line output, stereo line input
  • MIDI In/Out, USB device port

The William overture does not give the feeling of a real piano, but it’s quite close to one. The sound is good for the price. I like it because I can control how soft or how strong the sound is, based on the strength I apply on the piano. Some digital pianos sound just the same, no matter how much force you apply on it.

Overall, digital piano reviews enjoyed looking over this product. So if you are considering any other affordable brand for a budget piano, you should have a look at Williams digital piano as well.

There are many great reviews of the William overture. Here is one which digital piano reviews found:

The action is good. Not performance standard, but good. Much better than a lot of older though well taken care of acoustic pianos. The sustain pedal isn’t what I’d like it to be, but I haven’t figured out all the settings yet. And all my college professors yelled at me for overusing it anyway. :) Overall, a quality piece of equipment. Definitely compare to others the same price, but as a professional who actually went around and played all the under $800, this one definitely takes the cake.
Review paraphrased for size – view original review here!

So if you have been looking for a digital keyboard piano, but are on a tight budget, your choices of brands become limited and digital piano reviews suggest you to choose William overture 88 keys.

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