Korg SP250 88-key Portable Digital Piano Reviews


The Korg SP-250 digital piano is the perfect answer for any pianist looking for rich piano sounds and the convenience of a lightweight and portable instrument.

Digital piano reviews find this product had all the features we wanted in a digital piano, it does not stop with it as it boasts a range of additional instrument voices that comes with built-in sounds and will extend your performance possibilities.

An assortment of classic electric pianos, jazz organs, string and choir sounds, harpsichord and clav, even mallet percussion and guitar sounds are available at the touch of a button. You can also adjust the tension of the keys to accommodate light to the heavy touch.

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The SP-250 comes with a basic sustain pedal that connects to the instrument through the input plug. The 12V AC adaptor is included in the package, as well as a matching, removable sheet music rest. For digital piano reviews, this SP-250 weighs 42 pounds is a bit heavier but it’s compact in size enough that I’m able to carry it where it needs to go, including up a flight of stairs. The keyboard action was fabulous as the keys in no way restrict me from playing with as much nuance as I can muster.

Digital piano reviews have listed some of the great features of the Korg SP-250 88-key portable digital piano:

  • It has multi-level stereo sampling ensures accurate and faithful sound reproduction over the piano’s entire dynamic range
  • The third generation RH3 real weighted hammer action provides 88 keys and a life-like grand piano feel for confident, inspiring performances
  • It has two headphone outputs, you can share your music with a friend
  • Amazing sounds:5 Pianos, 7 Electric Pianos, 3 Church Organs, 3 Jazz Organs, Harpsichord, Marimba, Vibraphone, Acoustic guitar and more
  • The SP-250 is a complete instrument offering sounds, effects, sound system and pedal all in one

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Great for beginners and experts, this piano is compact and can provide satisfactory performance and usage.  As for the sound enhancement,  the SP-250 provides both a Reverb effect that recreates the spaciousness of a concert hall and a Chorus effect that adds a colorful depth to the sound.

The effects settings have been optimized for each individual sound and the user can choose from three levels – Light, Normal and Deep to complement your performance.

Digital piano reviews would strongly recommend the SP-250 for small professional gigs or as a substitute for a home’s studio piano. It also has other wonderful instrument sounds-organ, electric piano, etc.

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Here’s what digital piano reviews have quoted one of the owners had to say about the Korg SP-250:

I’ve had this piano for a couple of months now starting to learn to play the piano. It’s pretty decent all in all, plays well and sounds good most of the time. The keys are quite light compared to most real pianos but they still mostly feel like it’s real. Like in a real piano there are 4 degrees of hardness to the keys from heaviest at the bass to lightest at the high treble.

My main concern with this piano is the quality of the main “grand piano” sample which is supposed to be the most quality one.
– Some notes end with a faint and yet noticeable electronic tingling. This is especially evident in the keys    from the center down, especially the sharps and most notably in F#3.
– Some of the notes on the middle bass generally sound flat and electronic. This is most noticeable between D2 and D3. There is a stark contrast between the deep and beautiful C2 and a flat and strange D2 immediately next to it.
On the up side, other than the main grand piano sample this piano has 20 other beautiful samples of various organs and other sounds. For a beginner however these are of little use. [shooshx]

Review paraphrased for size – view original review here!

For digital piano reviews opinion, The Korg SP-250 88-key portable digital piano is perfect for those who appreciate quality in both sound and design.

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