Casio AP620 Celviano Digital Piano Reviews


The Casio AP620 Celviano digital piano is known as a state of the art high-end digital pianos. It sounds source Linear AiF offers the entire spectrum of authentic grand piano tones without abrupt changes to the sound during the transitions.

Digital piano reviews got chances to play with this Casio AP620 Celviano as it has more features at only a modest price premium.  The bench of Casio AP620 is all-metal with an easily adjustable height for the seat portion.

This was a nice extra, as it really helps to enforce a more correct posture than the lightweight. The Casio AP620 has an impressive sound with a powerful two-way system 2X30 watts of output power ensures an exhilarating sound delivery.



The great features of the Casio AP620 Celviano:

  • 4-layer stereo Grand Piano sound
  • Stunning 128-note polyphony
  • Includes 250 beautiful voices
  • Includes stand, bench, and 3 pedal attachment
  • Weighted, scaled, hammer-action keys precisely replicate the touch of a real Grand Piano
  • SD card slot
  • Power supply and cable included


The first that digital piano reviews notice about the AP620 is its stunning synthetic ivory keys, designed to emulate the look and feel of the real thing. Casio’s tri-sensor springless hammer-action scaled keyboard responds like the real instrument and the new “Ivory Touch” material recreates the rewarding tactile surface of real satin, matte-finish ivory keytops.

If you are in the market looking for a top-quality digital piano, it is no question that a top-quality piano sound is of paramount importance. The AP-620′s new four-layer stereo samples respond to a pianist’s nuanced touch, while two powerful downward-facing 30-watt speakers deliver rich, expressive and room-filling sound. You can even split the full 88-note keyboard into two parallel, individually transposable sections, in duet or solo mode.

Below are the comments from Amazon’s user taken by digital piano reviews about the Casio AP620 Celviano:

All I can say is WOW! Casio did an amazing job protecting this beautiful instrument. Everything in the box was well placed and quality Styrofoam, bags, and cardboard were used.

I have had my AP620 Celviano for about a month. I love it more than any piano I’ve ever had!

It is so much fun, can do so more than I expect I’ll ever fully figure out, and yet easily “soothes the soul of the savage beast within!”.

Seems to have the sound and feel of a real piano.

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This Casio AP620 Celviano digital piano can reproduce just about every instrument you can think of, from organs and strings to world percussion. Therefore, if you want uncompromising piano realism with an exquisite look and feel, multitudes of sounds, rhythms, and sequencing features to noodle with, the Casio AP620 Celviano digital piano is for you.

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