Casio PX830 Privia Digital Piano Reviews


The Casio PX830 Privia digital piano is focused on pure piano playing. Digital piano reviews are lucky to try this piano as we can say that the black polish gives the Casio PX830 and especially refined look that is sure to look great in your home. This Casio PX830 starts with the refined matt keys (ivory touch) with a pleasing playing action.

The hammer and repeating the action on the keys is just as luxurious as the 128-tone AiF sound source with Linear Morphing for dynamic sound behavior. The minimalist design provides a perfect counterpoint to the extraordinary wealth of sound.

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The keyboard is designed to give both the feel of the touch and the response of the keys as you would expect from a real piano. Push the keys hard and you get a very different result than when you push them softly. This piano also comes with the three pedals that you would find on a real piano.

One of the impressive features of the Casio PX830 is the digital samples and it includes the sympathetic resonance from the other strings. This is something you would find in a real piano, but not typically in an electronic keyboard.

Digital piano reviews think this digital piano is the answer for someone who looking for a compact, contemporary-looking, great-sounding, and reasonably priced.

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