The 6 Best Tool Chest Combos Under $1000 in 2020


As a carpenter or mechanic, you need a chest for keeping safe the valuable tools you will use for your daily work. This is why you should invest in the best tool chest combo that protects your valuable tools well and save you the trouble of having to look or replace your tool which is vital for your work.

The best tool chest combos are the best alternative to fake plastics which thieves can break easily and steal your valuable tools. These tool chests are of high quality and made of steel and durable thus thieves cannot break it easily.

If you are on the move frequently then you should consider a tool chest combo that is lightweight to carry or has a wheel so that you can roll it easily or push as you transport it to your place of work.

The Tool chests can be expensive and therefore you should be keen to get one that falls within your budget and can serve you for a long time without breaking easily. In this article, we will look at the best tool chest combo under $1000.


How to choose the Best Tool Chest Combos Under $1000 in 2020

There are many tool chest combos in the market and some are a bit pricey yet they are of poor quality.

When choosing the best tool chest combo you should consider the following features.

  • Materials – Look at if the tool chest combo is made of steel as it is durable and can resist corrosion, and thieves cannot break it easily. Compared to plastics, a steel tool chest cannot be destroyed by fire or broken easily. To enhance the security of your valuable items, you should choose a tool chest combo with a special coating such as epoxies.
  • Maximum possible load – When you have more tools, then you should consider the best tool chest combo, which is made of steel as it is strong and can accommodate more items. Plastic breaks easily when you exceed the maximum weight load.
  • Thickness – You should consider choosing the best tool chest combo with more thickness and thus will be strong and durable. It is recommended that you choose a tool chest with 2mm of thickness.
  • Weight – The weight of a tool chest is determined by other parts and tools. The best tool chest combo is one that is lightweight and can be transported easily or has wheels that can facilitate movement from one place to another.
  • Storage volume – If you have more tools then you should consider choosing a tool chest combo that has a higher dimension and therefore enough storage capacity for all your tools.
  • Security – This is the main feature to consider when purchasing the best tool chest combo because you want to properly safeguard your tools. Therefore you should consider one that has a good own lock key system where you can securely lock all your tools inside and prevent being stolen by thieves or coworkers.
  • Mobility and handling – If your work involves traveling frequently from one place to another then you should choose a tool chest combo with sturdy wheels for easy movement and also one that has anti-slid handles to prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring.
  • Price – There are many tool chest combos in the market with a different price range and that is you must choose one that is within your budget.
  • Aesthetics – This is another feature which pushes people to purchase items due to their attractive nature but not all attractive tool chest is durable. Therefore you should not purchase a tool chest for their attractiveness but instead focus on the quality and durable, and when you get one you can paint it to make it attractive.


The 6 Best Tool Chest Combos Under $1000 in 2020 (Review):

1. Kennedy Manufacturing 277Xb 7- Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet

Keep all your tools safe in Kennedy Manufacturing 277Xb 7- Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet which comes with an automatic locking system that protects all your tools from thieves. It is made from a strong and sturdy heavy gauge that is long-lasting and can withstand adverse climatic conditions.

The tubular enhances further the security of your tools and the 2 keys ensure that the drawer is tightly secured. Kennedy Manufacturing 277Xb 7- Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet ball bearing slides in the drawer ensures that it operates efficiently and smoothly.

It comes with heavy-duty casters which can carry a maximum weight of 350 pounds. Kennedy Manufacturing 277Xb 7- Drawer Roller Tool Cabinet dimension is 18x27x35 inches and it is brown and weighs 1 pound.


  • Tubular locking system with 2 keys to secure the drawer
  • Handles made of steel and thus durable
  • Powerful double-wall construction
  • Versatile coat finish
  • Ball-bearing slides for convenient operation
  • Automatic locking system
  • Made in the USA


2. Kennedy Manufacturing 3611B 11-Drawer Machinist Chest

Kennedy Manufacturing has been in the manufacturing sector in the USA for over a decade now and therefore makes high-quality products that are durable and safe.

The drawer slides use friction for smooth operation and the maximum weight per drawer is 90 pounds. It comes with adjustable drawer dividers which are 6 in number and thus provides you with more space to properly arrange your tools. You can also secure this drawer with the tubular security system and 2 keys which ensure that the drawer is secured well.


  • Wool liner drawer for easy tool precision
  • Its dimension is 201/8 x 81/2 x 135/8 inches
  • Drop front panel for easy storage
  • Friction drawer slides
  • Tubular lock system
  • 6 moveable drawer dividers


3. Kennedy Manufacturing 360B 10-Drawer Machinist’s Chest

If you value the safety of your tools as a mechanic or carpenter then you should consider investing in Kennedy Machinist’s Chest which can properly secure your items with the tubular locking system and heavy-duty handle which is made of steel and thus durable. You can easily open the drawers because it operates using a friction slide system and thus it is smooth to open or close drawers as you put in your valuable tools. It is attractive with the three color coats which makes this drawer attractive. When you properly secure your drawer it holds the lid open and thus convenient. You can easily store more items properly with the socket tray divider and thus it is highly efficient.


  • Its dimension is 12.13 x 26.13 x 18.88 inches
  • Tubular locking system
  • Heavy-duty handles which are durable
  • It is a 10-drawer chest
  • Friction drawer slides
  • Steel socket tray which is durable


4. Kennedy Manufacturing 21040R Industrial Cabinet

If your tools are not many then Kennedy Manufacturing 21040-R Industrial Cabinet will suit you well and your items will be properly secured with the tubular locking system. With this drawer, you can hold a weight of up to a maximum of 120 pounds.

The ball-bearing slides are smooth and highly efficient when you are opening to store your tools or closing it to keep your tools safe. Hence you are assured that your tools will be properly secured with this high-quality drawer chest.


  • Its dimension is 201/2 x 18 x 333/4 inches
  • 5 x 1-1/4 casters
  • Tubular locking system
  • Ball-bearing slides
  • It is red and made in the USA
  • Durable steel handle


5. Homak H2PRO Series 6-Drawer

Enjoy a high-quality 6-drawer for all your valuable tools where you can secure them tightly with a high-quality tubular locking system. It is made of aluminum material and thus it is of high quality and will last for longer.

With the roller casting, you can easily move this drawer to your place of work with ease. In addition, you can easily arrange your tools in the 2 compartments and you can store all your tools up to a maximum weight of 100 pounds per drawer.

The drawers handle are durable as they are made of Aluminum and thus you can easily carry without breaking the handles.


  • Detachable ball bearing slides
  • It is black and weighs 180 pounds
  • EVA drawer liners
  • Its dimension is 40.5 x 24.25 x 21.5 Inches
  • Made of aluminum steel


6. Westward 41- 7/16’’ Top Chest

Westward 41 11 drawer chest is a high-quality chest drawer for storing valuable items. It has a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds. You will enjoy an ergonomic look with powder coated which increases the durability of this drawer. It is made of steel and thus durable and its dimension is 45X21.2X35.6 inches.

The drawer slides are made of ball bearing which ensures smooth opening and closing of the slides. It is made in the USA and has a total of 11 drawers which is sufficient for all your tools to fit in.


  • Has a tubular lock for securing the drawer
  • It is black and made in the USA
  • Made of the heavy-duty Aluminum gauge with double coating
  • Ball-bearing slides
  • An ergonomic and versatile look



All of the tool chest combos available above are made from top quality materials and have a precise construction. Tool chest combos can be quite expensive, which is why you must choose one that falls within your budget and is secure and durable. Hopefully, the above list of 6 best tool chest combos under $1000 and buying guide will help you choose the best tool chest combo for storing all your valuable tools.


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