The Best Stage Piano Under 1000 Dollars 2020 Review


Are you planning for a music tour and looking for the Best Stage Piano Under 1000 Dollars in 2020, within a budget of 800 to 1000 dollars? Well, sit back and relax as I have got you!

Having researched the top best stage pianos that fall on this budget rate, I have come up with six top best stage pianos worth checking out. What makes my selection of stage pianos best for performance are the design and the features available.

These pianos are super light in weight, to ensure you have an easy time traveling with them. The pianos have music effects and controllers to match up with different performances happening on the stage.

Although there are still better models that retail at higher prices, from my perspective, the below-reviewed stage pianos are also classical and reliable. So, you can use them for both small and large concerts.

These pianos have speakers to increase the audibility of the music while on stage. The pianos have preset tones and sounds that guide you on how to control the instrument, depending on the songs your team performs on stage. Therefore, working with them is comfortable and easy.

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The TOP 6 Best Stage Piano Under 1000 Dollars in 2020 Review

1. Casio PX-5S 88-Key Privia Pro Digital Stage Piano

You can’t afford to have a dysfunctional piano at the stage since it determines the entire performance.

Well, this stage digital piano from Casio is crafted to ensure the performance goes smoothly throughout. For this, the piano comes with a power supply to ensure their continued power supply when playing the instrument.

Would I buy this digital piano when going for a premium event? Well, of course, yes! The piano is super convenient to play and has the excellent sound quality to improve general performance.

Traveling with this Casio stage, a digital piano is made easy thanks to the lightweight design. The piano is also compact to save space when packing.Regardless of the type of music genre you are playing, keeping up with this musical instrument is relatively easy for all.

The piano is made with a powerful zone controller that is super easy to maneuver. So, rest assured you will not mess up when playing this instrument on the stage.

This piano has 100 user-configurable stage settings, so you can easily access the available sounds, settings, and control parameters to match up with the music playing at the concert.

Do you want to change the music tones while at the stage? This is super easy with this Casio piano. The piano has the hex layers essential for manipulating the available music filters and parameters to create your reassuring tones.

Special features

  • This Casio digital piano comes with 100 pre-settings
  • There are four-zone controls
  • The piano is light for portability
  • The piano produces quality sound for convenience while at stage

2. Roland 49-Key Keytar

This digital piano gives a retro vibe, but it is perfect for different genres when it comes to music performance. Why does this piano make it to my top best stage pianos?

The piano features multi-effects and parts to use when performing. This ensures you can add effects, add master compressors, and many others.

The piano features 320 programs and 500 preset tones to add to your music to meet the performance standard.

This also creates a right blend between the artist singing and the person playing the instrument. This piano allows you to maneuver around the stage when performing since it is compact, and you can hold it with hands when playing.

I would recommend it for simple live stage performances since the battery can last for around 4 hours.

The fact that the digital piano has 49 keys may limit your playing some sessions at the stage, but the available tones and programs compensate for this.

Note that this digital stage piano is powered by the rechargeable Ni-MH and you can recharge it using an adaptor if you need to boost the charge before hitting the stage.

Special features

  • This piano is available in both white and black colors
  • The edge blades on this piano are removable
  • The piano is easy to play
  • There are 500 preset tones and 320 programs to choose from

3. Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano

Coming from one of the world’s best music instrument manufacturers, you are guaranteed nothing but the best music performance using this piano.

It is suitable for stage performance since the piano has inbuilt programs and tones that you can use to match with varying music.

This piano comes with a sustain pedal essential for controlling the music sounds when playing the instrument.

Whether you need this piano for small or large gigs, rest assured it will stand out in terms of performance. The piano has in-built stereo speakers essential for increasing audio when playing it.

Do you want to pre-record the music you will perform for easy control of the instrument at the stage?

Still, you can record up to 16 music tracks on this piano. This piano features a two-part layer and two splits that accommodate two voices, especially when practicing before heading to the stage. You can also share the instrument with another person at the stage if you need help when playing.

Special features

  • This stage piano can record up to 16 tracks
  • The piano is light in weight
  • The instrument comes with a pedal for easy control
  • There is a stereo speaker for good sounding

4. Roland JUNO-DS 88-Key Light Weight Weighted keyboard

The pro sound production from this stage digital piano guarantees the best instrumental performance on stage.

The piano is suitable for small to large events since it has speakers that boost the sound. The piano has 88 keys that feature the ivory feel and are weighted to improve the sound and ensure you get nothing but quality music sounds when playing it.

Do you like to incorporate acoustic and electric effects on the piano when playing on stage? This Roland piano is equipped with these effects, Juno-Di, and other organs you may need to integrate into the music.

It is easy to control this instrument’s sound and impact without cutting the music short with the wave expansion slots.

This feature also allows one to download the different waveforms you can use with your style of music.

The piano also has knobs for controlling and editing different music effects. Before you hit the stage for performance, you can test the piano’s sound using the available eight phrase pads triggers.

Special features

  • This keyboard has 88 weighted keys
  • It features other music instrument sounds to use when playing
  • The piano has knobs and sliders essential for controlling the music sounds when playing
  • The piano is convenient to transport due to the lightweight design

5. Roland V-Combo Live Performance Keyboard 73-Keys

I like to call this a 3 in 1 stage piano. Meaning, you get the feeling of the acoustic, digital, and electric piano all at the same time.

This feature makes it a great live performance piano since you can blend these sounds to match with your type of music, ranging from RnB, rock, and even hip hop, to name a few.

This piano features the VR-973 that boosts the authenticity of the sounds when playing back to back.

With a weight of just 22 pounds, your comfort when carrying this piano to the stage is guaranteed. The piano has an LCD screen for easy selection of the available sounds and instruments on this piano.

This piano has 73 keynotes that are weighted and super comfortable to handle on stage. For those who may need to add more sound to this piano, you can download using other smart devices from the Rolands, Axial website.

Special features

  • You can power this stage keyboard using AC or battery power
  • It features instant access to organ, piano, and synth sounds
  • The piano weighs 22 pounds for comfortable transportation
  • It has the VR-730

6. Yamaha MX88 88-key Weighted Action Synthetic Stage Piano

My list cannot end without adding this excellent stage piano from Yamaha. This is a reliable and easy to use the piano for people who regularly perform.

This piano features both high end and low-end midrange and pristine to accommodate different music genres and other areas that you use it. Therefore, the piano qualifies for small to large concerts.

This synthesizer piano has 88 weighted keys that deliver quality sounds and are soft touch to match the pace of the music you are playing.

With over 1000 sounds available on the keys, there is no limit to the music you can perform with this piano.

This piano is also equipped with the MOTIF sound engine that integrates with the synthesizer mode technology to make significant and authentic sounds. This also makes it possible to create a wide variety and quality of sounds from various keyboard parts.

Another feature that makes the piano fit for concert performance is the 128 notes of polyphony that provide consistency to prevent breaking the performance.

There are also 16 track sequences to guide you when playing different categories of music live. This piano has the USN audio and MIDI output, so you can connect the piano with other devices to play.

Special features

  • This piano has a backlit LCD
  • The piano has 88 weighted keys
  • The keyboard has the synthesizer technology


Have an uninterrupted and smooth live performance by acquiring these six incredible stage pianos. These stage pianos are comfortable to travel with since they are light and compact.

You can play different music and sounds with the pianos since they feature quality construction and have multiple music effects. So, find the perfect piano for your next concert from these six models.

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