Best Metal Lathe Under 1000 Dollars


A good metal lathe takes your metalwork to a higher level. Metal lathes mainly used in shaping thick, heavy metals. Metal lathes, both industrial as well as garage ones, are a bit expensive compared to other machines.

Metal lathes are different based on the functions they perform as well as the metal they shape. Some metal lathes come designed to shape and fabricate soft, light metals while other lathes are meant for shaping and drilling heavy metals. They as well vary in the motor size fitted as well as the revolution per minute they can swing.

Below are some of the best metal lathes, as well as their features, pros, and cons.

The Top 10 Best Metal Lathes Under $1000:

1. Shop Fox M1015 Micro Lathe


Shop Fox M1015 Micro Lathe

Shop Fox M1015 metal lathe comes with four hex wrenches as well as 100-2000 RPM spindle speed. Also, Shop Fox metal lathe comes fitted with spindle taper MT #2 and tailstock speed MT #1. It’s equipped with a double-ended wrench as well as a socket head wrench. It also comes with an extra oil cup and a stand too. It has a chuck key and three external jaws.

The Shop Fox M1015 is specifically designed and built to last and offer you service for many years. Close attention has been paid to every detail as its parts are constructed ruggedly through a very rigid high-quality control program just to ensure your safety as well as offer reliable operation.

Shop Fox M1015 comes with a two-year warranty. The 6-Inch x 10 – inch shop fox M1015 micro lathe is a perfect quality machine that is specifically well designed to fit in small spaces. The mini shop fox micro lathe usually gives the gun hobbyist, model makers as well as toolmakers an efficient and straightforward way to economically produce small precision parts, fittings, threaded parts as well as dies.

The M1015 comes with a very convenient control panel located at a comfortable place where you can easily access it. The control panel contains a variety of functions for this smooth machine operation.

You can easily access features such as knob selector rotation, speed dial, as well as a clutch knob, which offers a variety of adjustments as it accommodates turning needs.

This metal lathe also comes fitted with a manual feed handwheel that is used in moving the carriage from left to right along the bed. This manual setting is very vital when you are setting up the machine to the desired manual movement during operations.

You can easily engage as well as disengage both manual and automatic feed with just a simple feed clutch.

Shop Fox M1015 can cut threads of 24, 20,19,18, as well as 16 per inch.

Shop Fox M1015 comes with two available feed rates, which move the apron 0.002 inches as well as move the apron 0.004 inches in every revolution of each workpiece. That adjustment is a precision one which allows very accurate cuts as well as efficient cuttings.

Shop Fox metal lathe comes with the following standard equipment; 3″ 3-jaw chuck with an internal as well as eternal jaw, double-ended wrench, four hex wrenches, socket head wrench, oil cup as well as chunk key fuse.

Shop Fox M1015 weighs approximately 71 pounds. It measures about 27 x 14.3 x 12 inches, and it is Ac powered with a voltage of 110 volts.


  • Distance between center: is 10.’
  • Max tool size: is 3/8″ x3/8″
  • Spidle bore: is 3/ 8.”
  • Swing over bed: is 6.”
  • Carriage:10.”


  • The Shop Fox M1015 is durable and well designed to last longer
  • It allows very accurate cuts as well as efficient cuttings.


  • It’s 3/8′ Spidle is reduced

2. Erie Tool 7 metal Lathe


Best Metal Lathe Under 1000


This Erie tool metal lathe comes with a chuck key, cutter kit, internal chuck jaws, as well as the external chuck jaw and an 11 feed rate gears and an owner manual. It can drill as well as cut through metal with very high precision.

Erie tools have a variable speed of 7-inch x 14 inches. A benchtop mini metal lathe is used in creating precision parts. Its variable-speed motor can usually be adjusted to a maximum of 2500 RPM in either rotational direction. To turn the screw thread indicator, turn 12 to 52 TPI.

This metal lathe comes packed along with the following items; Erie Tool Benchtop Mini Lathe, MT2 Dead center tailstock taper, complete set of plastic change gears, and a 5-piece carbide-tipped cutter kit.

Similarly, when buying a metal lathe, here are some of the specifications you need to look out for; Motor should have a variable speed of 400w,0.53Hp, and should be a single-phase voltage of 120V, 60Hz. Its speed accuracy must be 0.0004 inches or 0. 01mm.also you need to make sure that the thread range is 12 to52 TPI. Check if the distance between the center is 14 inches / 8inches and swing over bend is 7 inches.

The speed taper for this metal lathe has to be an MT3 and MT2 for tailstock taper. Its chuck diameter must be 4 inches while the bore spindle measures 0.79 inches.

Erie tools metal lathe is a bit heavy machine as it weighs 04.2 pounds and measures 36 x 17.3 x 14.6 inches. One hundred twenty volts’ power source powers it.


  • Spindle taper: MT3
  • Chuck diameter:4in (80mm)
  • Thread range:12 to 52 TPI
  • Distance between centres14 in,/8 in
  • Tailor taper: MT2


  • Erie Tool 7 metal Lathe is very easy to operate


  • It has a plastic gear that is easy to break

3. TECHTONGDA Mini Metal Lathe


Best Metal Lathe Under 1000 Dollars

This metal lathe comes fitted with a 110 volts’ brushless motor. It’s a very heavy metal lathe and easily maintainable. It comes along with a spindle bored approximately 0.8 inches with the distance between centers measuring about 12 inches.

The gears of this metal lathe are all made of metal. This is to give you the quality of better service. The Techtongda metal lathe comes fitted with only one metric scale. Its customers are provided with a three-month warranty and come with lifetime service.

When considering this kind of a metal lathe, it’s essential to check the following parameters to guide you in your verification; Its motor is brushless and is 110 volts’ source powered. Its length centers measure approximately 11.8 inches, while the spindle bore measures around 0.8 inches the swing diameter as well as towing trip measures about 7inches and 2 inches, respectively.

The width of the lathe measures 3.9 inches, while chuck diameter measures 3.9 inches as well. It is an automatic multi-function piece of equipment, and it is straightforward to clean and has been prissily designed with high precision performance.

This metal lathe measures approximately 32 x 16 x 16 inches, and it weighs around 150 lbs. A 600 waltz power source powers it, and its body is mainly made from stainless steel.


  • Spindle bore: 0,8 inches
  • Item weight:150 lb.
  • Size: 32x16x16 inches
  • chunk diameter:3.9 inches


  • Techtongda Mini Metal Lathe a weighty metal and easy to maintain
  • The gears of this metal lathe are all made of metal giving you the quality of better service


  • You cannot utilize this lathe machine to make square parts

4. Grizzly Industrial benchtop metal lathe


Grizzly Industrial benchtop metal lathe


This metal lathe comes fitted with a swing over bed, measuring approximately 9-1/2 inches. Its swing over cross slide measures about 6-1/8 inches. Grizzly industrial metal lathe distance between centers is about 22 inches.

Its spindle bore measures 25 mm while its spindle thread measures 1-3/4 x 8 TPI. It comes with one benchtop measuring 10 x 22, which is a very generous capacity.

This metal lathe has the following features; a ground hardened with a precision v-way bed. Its gearbox is swift to change. Its apron comes with a full-featured carriage and assemblies to provide super-accurate cuts and finishes. It as well comes fitted with steady rest and a follow rest. It has three-jaw and four-jaw chucks and eight faceplates.

Also, this metal lathe comes with the following specifications; its swing over bend measures approximately 9-1/2 inches. Its distance between centers measures approximately 22 inches.

At the same time, its spindle bore measures about 25 is fitted with an MT#4 spindle taper and is equipped with a single-phase motor with a 110 power voltage. Its lead screw is ¾ – 12 TPI.

It weighs about 447 pounds and measures 49.25 x 22.25 x 21.25 inches.


  • Weight: 447 pounds
  • Spidle taper: MT#4
  • Swig over bed: 9 – ½ inches
  • Spidle thread: 1-3/4 x 8 TPI.


  • Provide super-accurate cuts and finishes.

5. Proxxon PD Metal Turning Lathe


Proxxon PD Metal Turning Lathe


Proxxon metal lathe is a product Proxxon and comes fitted with a miniature precision lathe. It measures 10 inches from center to center while the RPM range of Proxxon is 100- 300.

Its feed rate is automated. This product is a bit lighter, and it weighs approximately 34.3 pounds and measures about 24.8 x 10.24 x 15.16 inches in dimension. Its primary body materials are iron, die-cast aluminum as well as die-cast zinc.

Grizzly is powered by a 115 volts’ power source and a motor voltage of about 150 watts. The system of measurement for this system is metric and includes the following components; Lathe, metal turning lathe, and a micro lathe.


  • Distance between centers is:10 inches
  • Size :24.8 x10.24x 15.16
  • Material: iron
  • Weight:`34.3 pound


  • With Proxxon PD Metal Turning Lathe is i8s easy to perform the operation
  • A person with little skill can operate with ease


  • It only restricted to the symmetrical rotational part
  • It is only limited to the size of parts that can be machined

6. Chuangsheng mini 12 v miniature metal lathe


Chuangsheng mini lathe machine 12 v miniature metal lathe


It is a brand product of Chuangsheng and works well with soft metals like copper and aluminum. You can use the three-jaw chuck for clamping, and its center gongs measure approximately 25 mm.

It’s fitted with a motor, which has a speed of 2000 revolutions per minute. It comes with a one-year warranty and a lifetime service.

This metal lathe can process materials with 135 mm in length and is powered by a 24 volts’ power source.

Chuangsheng metal lathe weighs 8.53 pounds and measures approximately 13.6 x 10.1 x 8.6 inches.


  • Weight: 8.83 pound
  • Size : 13.6 x10,1 x8.6
  • Material: copper and aluminum
  • Voltage: 24 volts


  • Save time due to the tool remaining into contact with part for a longer period


  •  Occupy a relative space in your shop

7. Mini Lathe 12000 Rpm motorized metal lathe

Mini Lathe 12000 Rpm motorized metal lathe

It’s a product of jets, and it comes along with headstock, tailstock motor blades as well as size slider. It is fitted with a motor that has a speed of 12000 revolutions per minute.

The maximum motor power for this metal lathe is approximately 60 watts and can process material with lengths of 135 mm in diameter. It is mainly used on soft metals.

This metal lathe measures about 13.8 x 10.2 x 8.7 inches, and it weighs approximately 10.1 pounds.


  • Motor speed:12000 revolutions per minute
  • Max motor power: 60 watts
  • Size : 13.8 x10.2 x8.7inches
  • Weight: 10.1 pound


  • It is very reliable and accurate in its operation


  • It is mainly restricted to soft metals

8. Central machinery 7×10 Precision Mini Lathe

Central machinery 7x10 Precision Mini Lathe


Central machinery 7 x 10 consists of 18 threads, an automatic feed, and a chuck guard together with a micro switch. This ETL mini lathe is best for use in laboratory, engineering, education setting, and workshop.

It also comes along with automatic feed chuck guard attached to micros switch variable speed control knob speed 0-1100RPM, which is low and 0-2500 RPM high. It also has a thread, which is about 12 to 52 TPI and tailstock taper, which is MT2 tool post ETL distance between centers (in), that is, 10 in.

Its horsepower has a 3/4 speed maximum 0-2500 RPM mini speed and RPM 0-1100rpm Spidle taper MT2 Tailstock taper MT2. The thread size is approximately 12-52 TPI.

Central machinery 7 x 10 lathe is manufactured by primary machinery manufacturers= and its part number is 0613136. It is made up of a steel rotator handles plastic. It has a corded electric power source.  It was available in the market on May 10, 2012.


  • The variable speed control knob
  • Automatic feed
  • Chuck guard with an automatic switch.


  • It is a piece of ideal equipment for use in labs, workshops as well as an educational setting.


  • It has a low revolution per minute compared to another metal lathe.

9. Intbuying Precision Metal Lathe


Intbuying Precision Metal Lathe


The Intbuying manufacturer manufactures Intbuying Precision metal lathe. It measures approximately metric 7×12 inch 600 W. It is made up of iron. It was first available in the market on March 27, 2020.

Intbuying Precision metal lathe is a freight shipment item that is oversized or bulky. The distance between centers is 300 mm, and Spidle bored measures 21mm. It is characterized by various parameters such as a swing diameter of 180 mm, the width of the lathe is 100mm, the towing trip is 50mm, and the chunk diameter of 100mm.

The range of spindle speed is 50-2500PRM with two gears. It also comes with a 600W brushless motor and 110 V voltage. It measures approximately 13 by 16 by16 inches. Its gross weight is 150lb, and net weight is 122lb.

This metal lathe has a spindle, which is supported by a precision taper roller bearing. The speed of the main shaft is around 50- 2500rpm and is splinted into two gears. The speed is adjustable. It involves the precision grinding of high quality cast iron bed with high-frequency quenching process.

The primary use of this metal lathe is facing, drilling, boring, and turning thread. It is also used for processing precision parts, simple operation, extensive processing, model processing, and sample processing.


  • It has three spindles supported by a precision taper roller bearing.
  • It can process an inch thread with a range of 8 – 44 TPI.


  • This lathe is usually used with almost any kind of machining.


  • This product has a short warranty period of only three months.

10. High–Precision Micro Lathe


High–Precision Micro Lathe


This machine tool is best for individuals who want well-designed Lathe and durable Lathe that fit in a small location. The metal lathe comes with compact size and precise control.

It is smooth running and robustly can put light finishes on turning up to 7diameter and 10.5long and is small enough to be easily movable. The micro lathe is used to cut all metals such as stainless steel, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminum, nickel-silver, and carbon steel.

It can also be used to reduce nonmetals like plastic and wood. The machining accessories and the optional attachment allow you to perform all the tasks required to complete the project.

The micro lathe is composed of a ½ capacity rocker tool post, three-jaw chuck, carriage feed gear set, tailstock, backsplash, wrench set, and chuck guard.

Micro Lathe has several specifications, which include swing diameter over a bed of 5 – 7/8 and the distance between the center of 10. It comes with 110V 50/60 Hz MT1 line voltage headstock taper and MT2 tailstock taper.

It also has 150 watts Spidle bore, motor output, and its speed is electronically variable between 100-2000. The overall size is 9 x11x x 25 and weighs 64 is made of steel.


  • It’s super rigid as well as its heat-treated cast iron-cast bend with precision
  • It has well hardened and accurately finished spindle
  • Its line voltage is around 110V.


  • Due to its small size, it fits perfectly well for small locations, and its precision is accurately high.


  • It is not a perfect lathe for large, big spaces


As we have seen above, different lathes come with varying prices, and now you should be well-positioned to choose the right one for your needs. Lathes consume power differently and are very versatile. Small home garage metal lathes are easy to maintain and highly portable.

Similarly, keep an eye on price as some can be quite expensive.

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