Best Mandolins under $1500 in 2021 [Review]


Are you passionate about playing mandolin and looking forward to purchasing one? Then look no further than the best mandolins under $1500 in 2021.

It is easy to play these mandolins as they have fewer strings and you can easily strum it to produce high-quality sound from low to high.

The soundboards of these mandolins have been handing carved and thus giving them a unique and outstanding appearance. These mandolins are of high quality and their unique appearance makes them very attractive.

They are affordable and with these mandolins, you will get unmatched tones as the string has been well set to prevent intonation and ensure it produce high-quality sound.

The top of these mandolins is arched at the top making them slim and attractive. The interface is made of wood which makes it glossy and retains the traditional look.

Another outstanding thing with these mandolins is that they are compact and thus portable, and you can easily carry them with you and use them anywhere including your vacation time.

How to Choose the Best Mandolins under $1500: buying guide

Mandolins are worth buying because they are affordable compared with the many features they come with. The fingerboard is strong, and the strings are premium which will give high-quality sound as you play these mandolins.

With a solid base, they are strong and durable and thus cannot break easily and the strings do not become loose. The high-quality wood increased the aesthetic look of these mandolins and thus you will high quality tones all through.

It is easy to tune these mandolins as the tune move from low to high which is G-D-A-E. You can also play different kinds of music in these mandolins such as jazz and classic Celtic. As you play these songs you can also learn how to play the fundamentals of chord and therefore these mandolins are great instruments to buy as it is worth every buck you have spent.

The most striking thing with these mandolins is that beginners can also learn and play them within a short period. The strings are less and easy to master as they only need your two fingers to play it. It is therefore a versatile instrument to play. With the higher number of ribs on the back of these mandolins, they are of higher grade and thus produce outstanding high-end sounds.

The Top 6 Best Mandolins under $1500 in 2021 (Review):

1. Kentuck KM-1050 8-String Mandolin

Kentucky KM-1050 is the mandolin with a combination of features from the early 1970s and having a mix of both original and modern features.

The 8 strings are made of steel and thus it is durable and sturdy and do not get loose easily. In addition, the playability of this mandolin is on another level thanks to a variety of features which include pitch fingerboard that ensures the mandolin produces premium high-quality sound.

The ergonomic design makes it attractive with the slim top and thus you can enjoy playing a variety of music with this high-quality mandolin.

Kentucky KM-1050 8-String Mandolin gives the best experience to the mandolin professional players regardless of whether they are amateur or skilled player.

It is made in the USA and thus high-quality materials are guaranteed. The sound quality of this mandolin is excellent and is well balanced between the low and high sound, and the intonation is good enhanced with a high-quality radius fretboard.


  • It has 8 strings
  • Pitch fingerboard radius
  • Versatile fingerboard extension
  • Broader nut and saddle
  • Bigger and spacious frets
  • Twisted Adirondack spruce top
  • Narrow and compact top
  • It weighs 5 pounds and available in vintage burst color

2. APC Portugal Octave Mandolin Review

APC MOC312 KOA lets you enjoy a high-quality mandolin 100% made in Portugal since 1976. It has 8 strings which produce beautiful tones.

This mandolin has been designed with high-class materials which are carefully joined to produce high-quality sound.

The Octave sound of this mandolin is unmatched, and you will have an opportunity to enjoy playing on the high-quality mandolin.

The construction of certified wood CITES, and FCS is on point and the balance between low and high-end sound is perfect.

The string size is perfect as it is 536mm which can produce high-end sound. Besides, the strings are made of steel which is of high quality and sturdy. It is easy to set up this mandolin and you can have maximum time enjoying playing this mandolin.

The finishing of this mandolin is unique and has been made with classy open pore which is very attractive and versatile.


  • Made from massive Acacia Koa top material
  • 8-strings
  • Solid Acacia Koa body and back material
  • Acajou/Acacia neck material
  • Dark Acacia fretboard material
  • Octave tuning
  • It weighs 3.08 pound
  • It is made in Portugal

3. Kentucky KM-850 8-string Mandolin Review

As a professional musician who has taken music as a career, you need to invest in a good instrument that produces high-quality sound and lets your audience enjoy your music. Therefore, with Kentucky KM-850, you will be sure that you will get nothing but the best performance from this mandolin.

The construction is good with a mix of German spruce and Apple maple which has been carefully constructed by a professional expert to ensure that the sound and playability of this mandolin is unmatched.

It is made in the USA and therefore it is of high-quality material and the functionality is good. You can easily change tones during your live performance which in turn gives you soft and high-quality sound.

The finishing of this mandolin is good and therefore it is attractive. It has a sunburst color for conventional luster and beauty and weighs 3.69 pounds.

Kentucky KM-850 is the best mandolin under $1500 when you look at the functionality and the many features it has.


  • Back and body is made of maple
  • Ebony fretboard material
  • The number of strings is 8
  • German spruce top offers a clean articulation
  • Compact design and thus portable
  • High gloss sunburst finish

4. Ortega Guitars RMF100AVO Mandolin Review

Ortega Guitars incorporates both the old and new technology to come with a unique mandolin which is perfect and addresses all the needs of modern players.

It retains the traditional setting and it blends it well with modern setting making it produce high-end sounds just the way modern players want it.

Ortega Guitars RMF100AVO Mandolin is all solid and therefore strong and gives it the aesthetic look which is attractive and glossy.

The components have been well arranged such that it is easy to set up and playing this mandolin is quick and easy thus making it one of the best mandolins under $1500.

The antique violin oils give this mandolin a smooth finishing, and thus it is versatile with ergonomic design.

The sounds produced by Ortega Guitars RMF100AVO are premium and high and therefore you can be sure to have a high-quality mandolin in which playability is on another level.


  • Made of solid material
  • Compact and thus portable
  • Comes with an Antique finish with violin oils
  • Features include a mandolin strap and deluxe gig bag

5. APC MDO EU 312 Instruments Review

Are you looking for high-quality mandolin with a high gloss finish? Then look no further than APC MDO EU 312 Instruments which is the best mandolin under $1,500.

It has 8 strings with a scale length of 650mm which is perfect enough to produce only premium and high-end sound.

It is made in Portugal and has a variety of tunings and thus produces unmatched high-end sounds.

The materials used to make this mandolin are certified and thus it is safe and does not expose you to harmful chemicals or materials. When you purchase this mandolin you get a bag, case, and strings.


  • Case included
  • Variety of tunings
  • It is compact and weighs 3.96 pounds
  • Body and back material made of solid Indian Rosenwood
  • Solid spruce neck material and Acacia neck material

6. Breedlove McKenzie KF Review

Enjoy the Breedlove McKenzie Mandolin with gold hardware and sunburst finish making it high class and attractive.

The sounds of this mandolin are of high quality as the strings have been well arranged and tighten K mode. It is made in the USA and therefore high-quality materials are guaranteed including playability and functionality.

The built-in F-holes make this McKenzie mandolin outstanding. Hence you will get a variety of high-end soft sounds as you play this mandolin.

It is compact and easily portable with a weight of 2.5 pounds and therefore you will enjoy playing to a variety of music-making it the best mandolin under $1,500.


  • Made in the USA and 13.94 scale length
  • 5A Flamed Apple back material, Sitka spruce top material, and Mahogany neck material
  • Ebony fretboard material and steel-string material
  • Breedlove deluxe case
  • KF body style and X-bracing

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Mandolins are great instruments as they take your music to another level. They are expensive as they take more time to be constructed and that is why you should choose the one that meets your needs and falls within your budget.

The above mandolins have been constructed under precise construction and therefore when you buy one it will serve you well with unmatched playability and high-quality sound.

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