Best Hybrid Table Saws Under $1000 in 2021 [Review]


Whether you are a professional contractor or a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you definitely understand the essence of having a high-quality table saw. With the right table saw, it becomes relatively easy to cut wood in different ways, including reducing length, cutting angle, or reducing width.

The best part is that you don’t have to invest lots of cash to get a high-quality table saw. All that is required of you is to look around, and you will find out some of the best hybrid table saws under $1000.

However, to choose one that will best suit your needs, you will have to understand various features incorporated in different saws.

With different types and models available in today’s market, getting the best hybrid table saw can be a bit challenging.

Fortunately, I decided to do the heavy lifting for you and come up with the top six best hybrid tables saws under $1000.

Top 6 best hybrid table saws under $1000 in 2021:

1.  SKILSAW SPT99-11 10″ Review

The SKILSAW SPT99-11 10’’ is by far the best table saw overall. The SKILSAW is a brand with an incredible reputation, and it is well-known for creating some of the best power saws available in the market and their SKILSAW SPT99-11 10’’ is no different.

The SKILSAW SPT99-11 10’’ is equipped with an incredible rip capacity of 30.5-inch. Furthermore, it features ample space allowing you to rip a sheet of plywood into two halves. This table saw is designed to offer accurate cuts thanks to its precision rack as well as the pinion fence system adjustment.

In addition to that, this table saw is equipped with a 16-inch wheel rugged rolling stand along with an easy-load handle that helps in improving mobility significantly. The dust port elbow has been designed to collect debris on one designated area, making the cleaning process relatively easy. You can also carry out large cuts without any assistance; this has been made possible by the outfeed and left support.

However, despite being a great product, SKILSAW SPT99-11 features a flimsy plastic zero-clearance insert. This insert does not offer incredible support; it tends to collapse on one side forcing materials to get caught up. Despite this, the SKILSAW SPT99-11 tends to roll smoothly and equipped with an accurate fence which makes it relatively easy to work with.

Usually, most hybrid table saws tend to spend most of their life kept in one workshop; at times, you might be forced to move it while changing things or rearranging your workshop. To help in that, this table saw is fitted with a reliable 16-inch wheel which allows you to maneuver with the utmost ease.


  • Features an incredible rip capacity
  • Relatively easy to operate
  • Precision and smooth cuts
  • Ideal for cutting more extensive materials


  • Features a flimsy plastic zero-clearance insert

2. RIDGID R4512 10’’ Review

The RIDGID R4512 10’’ is an incredible table saw. It features a powerful motor with 13 amps and a 3.8 horsepower. This is an incredible power that rotates the blade up to 3450 RPM.

In addition to that, it features a high-quality design; the table is designed from iron, which helps in minimizing vibration. Weighing approximately 267 pounds, moving the table around will be challenging; however, it offers maximum stability while working on your projects.

For mobility, RIGID incorporated a convenient foot pedal designed to allow you to reposition your table saw with the utmost ease.

When it comes to cutting, this table saw features front and back-clamping rip fence made from aluminum along with extra-large glides, which offers precise as well as smooth adjustments along the rail.

The table saw is equipped with an in-built accessory slot that allows the installation of auxiliary fences, which allows you to work on large pieces.

There is no doubt that RIDGID R4512 is an incredible table saw; however, it has some issues with its fences. Despite having issues with it, the fences can be locked front and back; this aids in preventing migration while cutting; as a result, it boosts accuracy and precision. You can as well add more fences or tabletops with utmost ease thanks to its in-built accessory slot.


  • You can easily reposition the saw to best suit your working position
  • Comes equipped with a powerful motor
  • Features an accessory slot that allows for an auxiliary fence
  • The RIDGID R4512 10’’ is equipped with a heavy iron table that helps in minimizing vibration.


  • it is not ideal for industrial use

3. Rockwell RK7241S Review

The Rockwell RK7141S is a heavy-duty, as well as a highly versatile table, saw. Furthermore, it is relatively light in weight, which makes it ideal for the cabinet shop, workshop as well as a job site.

This table saw incredible power features, and it is highly affordable at the same time, which makes one of the best hybrid table saws under $1000.

If you are working on a tight budget, you should consider investing in this table saw, and you will not regret it.

Rockwell RK7141S is equipped with an incredible cutting depth; it is equipped with a maximum depth of 3 and a half inches, which is enough to go through a 4 by 4 with a single cut. However, it tends to make plenty of power, and it is due to this that the Rockwell RK7141S is equipped with an incredible speed of up to 4800 RPM.

Furthermore, Rockwell RK7141S is equipped with a rip capacity of 30-inch. The best part is that it is equipped with a laser indicator that allows you to adjust blade tilt with the utmost ease. This is an incredible feature that is not incorporated in other table saws available in today’s market.

The Rockwell RK7141S is an excellent and reliable table saw, but its fence is a bit off. The fence is not that stable, and it tends to migrate each time while working on a project. The worst part is that the blade was not parallel to the miter guide; this forces one to disassemble and carry out some adjustments.


  • Features an incredible cutting depth
  • The leaser indicator makes it easy to adjust your blade tilt
  • Relatively easy to transport thanks to its wheels
  • Features 30-inch rip


  • Features an unstable fence while sawing.

4. DEWALT 10’’ DWE7491RS Review

DeWalt is well-known for designing some of the most trusted cordless power devices, and the DWE7491RS is no different. This tool is excellent, and it is perfect for everyone out there, irrespective of their skill levels.

The DWE7491RS is equipped with a great motor with a power of 15 amps, which makes it one of the main attractions to this particular saw table.

The machine is equipped with incredible power that rotates the blade at a great speed of 4800 RPM. This speed allows this particular table saw to cut through sheets with utmost ease and remarkable precision.

There is no doubt that the DWE7491RS is a compact table saw; however, you will still be able to make significant cuts of up to 32.5 inches. This cut is very impressive for any table saw.

In addition to having significant cuts, the DWE7491RS is a highly portable table saw, which makes it easy to move around whenever necessary.

The table saw weighs approximately 90 pounds. Moreover, the DWE7491RS is fitted with in-built wheels, which make it relatively easy to move your table saw to any position that will best suit your needs.

Nevertheless, despite DWE7491RS having some incredible praises, it still features some flaws.

One of the issues is its cheap miter gauge which is less durable and only used once before tossing it aside. In addition to that, tabletop has issues as well, when using the blade with a material that has the perfect size; it can end up getting caught on a divot.


  • Relatively light in weight
  • Equipped with a powerful motor
  • Features a 5-inch rip capacity
  • Fitted with wheels, which makes it easy to maneuver around


  • Features a relatively cheap miter gauge

5. Shop Fox W1837 10’’ Review

If you are looking for a table saw with incredible power and maximum precision at an affordable rate, then the Shop Fox W1837 will be the best product for you. This table saw is equipped with everything you need to get started. Some of its incredible features include the 30-inch rip capacity along with an incredible motor equipped with two horsepower.

In addition to that, the Shop Fox W1837 is equipped with a kickstand, which is a mobile base designed to make repositioning of the saw relatively easy while working. For maximum stability and reduced vibration, this table saw is designed from a cast iron table. Furthermore, its steel wings have been designed to help in extending the length of this saw table; this offers a greater rip capacity along with the fence.

Shop Fox W1837 features wings that do not fit correctly, forcing the fence to have some issues while working on a project. The fence fails to slide evenly; both ends didn’t move simultaneously, making it relatively challenging. In addition to that, the fence was unable to lock securely; as a result, it keeps migrating while making cuts.


  • Features a 30-inch rip capacity
  • Comes equipped with a powerful motor
  • Highly stable well working
  • Easy to reposition your blade while working on a project


  • The steel wings tend not to fit perfectly.

6. Makita 2704 Review

The Makita 2704 is one of a kind table saw. The first thing you will notice while using this stable is that it lacks a stand. Compared to other table saws present in today’s market, the Makita 2704 does not come equipped with a stand. This design is ideal for use on a benchtop, making it ideal for use in small workshops.

This table saw is highly portable, and you can easily transport it in your car to your work site. Weighing approximately 60 pounds, maneuvering around with this table saw becomes relatively easy.

Despite being relatively small in size, the Makita 2704does not lack power. This table saw features a great motor that produces a powerful speed of 4800 RPM. Makita 2704 is an excellent investment since it is highly portable, equipped with incredible power, and it goes at a very affordable rate.

This hybrid table saw tend to be an incredible product; however, the lack of sufficient space makes it relatively challenging to cut larger wood pieces. In addition to that, it is equipped with a low rip capacity; this means that you will only use this hybrid table saws on relatively small wood pieces.

Fortunately, thanks to its miter gauge, rip fence as well as bevel adjustment system which makes it easy and very fast to cut the small cuts with utmost precision. In addition to that, setting up this hybrid table saw is relatively easy.


  • Relatively light in weight
  • Equipped with durable rip fence
  • Features a compact design
  • Its blade cover is relatively large


  • Its rip capacity is relatively small compared to other models available in this article.

Final verdict

Now that have in mind some of the best hybrid table saws under $100, choosing will not be challenging. In most cases, choosing the best hybrid table saws under $1000 can be a bit challenging. However, you might consider choosing one from the above since they are among the most affordable and highly functional hybrid table saws under $1000.

When choosing the right hybrid table saw for your project, you should always consider the amount of power that will help in carrying out that particular project.

In addition to that, the rip capacity and the maximum cutting depth are other factors worth assessing before making a final decision. When working with a table saw equipped with a stable fence, you will be able to cut your wood pieces with great precision and with the utmost ease.

As I come into conclusion, I hope that you find this article helpful as you look for a table saw that would best suit your needs.

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