Best FFP Hunting Scopes under $1000 in 2021


Hunting scopes are popular among rangers and hunters because they can be used to magnify targets that are over long distances and you will be able to aim your target precisely. There are many types of ffp hunting scopes available today in the market from different brands that can do a great job at hand.

For example, you can find an ffp hunting scope that can aim the target precisely over a short distance while others are for long-distance range or medium distance range, but many do multiple jobs.

Choosing the best ffp hunting scopes can be a game-changer because it can be used to aim the target precisely and ensure that you do not miss your target.

To make the work easier for you, I have summarized the best ffp hunting scopes under $1000 and the buyer’s guide.

The 6 Best FFP Hunting Scopes under $1000 in 2021:

1. Leupold VX-3i Side Focus Riflescope

Leupold VX-3i is the best hunting scope that is of high quality and is an accurate long-range scope that can aim at objects in long distance. With an objective lens of 50mm, it can precisely focus the target well for aiming. This is enhanced further with the side focus which ensures that a high-quality image is focused on any shooting image, which makes it a high-quality scope as it can tackle different focused tasks with comfort and fun. This versatile hunting scope has LRP adjustment for windage targets and thus you will get exact precision enhanced with a zero back system and thus saves you time when aiming for your target. You can magnify your target with 6.5-20x magnification for a clearer view of the high-quality target. Leupold VX-3i Side Focus Riflescope can withstand adverse weather conditions such as extreme winter and fog and therefore it is durable as it has been constructed with high-quality material.


  • Long-range precision adjustment
  • Twilight max system
  • Has a comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Has a durable stainless steel construction
  • Features a 6.5-20x magnification
  • 50mm objective lens

2. Leupold VX-5HD Side Focus Riflescope

Leupold is well known for offering high quality, exceptional performance, stunning design, state of the art technology, and premium quality hunting scopes. This riflescope is ideal for medium-range magnification and you can magnify your target from 3 to 15 times bigger to cover larger yards. Besides, it has an objective lens of 44mm and a fire dot duplex that offers great image quality as you aim the target.

Leupold VX-5HD Side Focus Riflescope is enhanced further with illuminated technology and motion sensor technology for the high-quality image during aiming.


  • Comes with hydrophobic lens coating for increased durability
  • Features zero back system for increased focus
  • It has a 44mm objective lens
  • Made of aluminum which is of top quality and is durable
  • It is weather and water-resistant and thus durable
  • Twilight Max Management
  • 3-15 times magnification

3. Bushnell Deploy MOA Reticle

Bushnell Deploy MOA Reticle is a high-quality product that is designed for long-distance range shooting. With an objective lens, you will be able to focus your target well without missing it. It is a versatile scope that can be used in adverse weather conditions as it is durable and weatherproof. This hunting scope has a zero back system and the reticle can go back to the start position without any limitation and therefore you can easily adjust your target and is back up with the high-quality light penetration for a clear view of the target.


  • Lightweight and thus easy to carry
  • Stain-resistant as it is made of steel
  • Features 50mm objective lens
  • Incorporates MOA reticle
  • It is 100% weather-resistant and waterproof
  • Has a strong and durable material
  • Comes with sunshade

4. Sig Sauer SOT44113 Tango4 Riflescope

This is the ideal modern riflescope and it deals with both medium and long-distance range and allows enough light to pass through the 30mm thick diameter tube thus producing a clear and high-quality image of the target. Sig Sauer SOT44113 Tango4 Riflescope has an excellent and unmatched magnification of 16 times and therefore will take your hunting to another level as you will not miss your target. This is enhanced further with high-quality objective lenses of 44mm. With the low dispersion, you will view a clear and high-quality image which is 4 times larger and clear. It is FFP and therefore clear and focused reticle and it is waterproof and weatherproof.


  • 4X optical zoom
  • 30mm diameter tube
  • First focal plane
  • Low dispersion
  • 44mm objective lens and 4 to 16 times magnification
  • Waterproof including 1-meter immersion
  • Fog proof performance

5. Leupold VX-3i Side Focus Riflescope

Amazing brands such as Leupold are great as they have experience making high-quality products in the market. With Leupold VX-3i Side Focus Riflescope, you are sure to get a high-quality riflescope with FFP which will serve you for a long time. The magnification is higher and therefore you will be able to view your target precisely. Also, the 50mm objective allows you to view a high-quality target which is clear and reduces any chances of missing it. The extra coatings provide more protection and ensure that the riflescope remains durable and strong.


  • Strong durable due to extra coating
  • Has a luxurious design
  • Features a 50mm objective lens
  • Comes with 8.5-20X magnification
  • It is 100% waterproof and weatherproof

6. Sig Sauer SOT44114 Riflescope

Are you looking for a top-quality riflescope that is multipurpose? Well, look no further than the Sig Sauer SOT44114 Riflescope. You can use this high-quality riflescope in hunting, tactics, or the military. It is very responsive and easily detects any motion with motion sensor technology. It is waterproof and weatherproof and thus you can use it in any place. Sufficient light passes through the 30mm diameter tube for the clear focus of the target. With objective lenses of 44mm, you will view the high-quality image.


  • Ideal for tactics and military
  • Low dispersion light for enough light penetration
  • It can sense any movement with motor
  • It is waterproof and weatherproof
  • 44mm objective lens for exceptional image quality

How to Choose the Best FFP Hunting Scope under $1000 in 2021

Due to advancements in technology, there are many different brands of ffp hunting scopes in the market within a certain price range and sometimes it is difficult for you to make the best decision on which ffp hunting scope to buy. For under $1000 you will get the best ffp hunting scope and you should not go for a cheap product as cheap is expensive and of poor quality which in the end makes you incur more money. Therefore, if you want the best ffp hunting scope you should be ready to spend some reasonable amount of money and in return, you will get high-quality ffp hunting scope.

You should have the following points in mind when choosing the best ffp hunting scopes under $1000:

  • Objective Lens – It is that part where you examine the scope to get to the target. Therefore, when looking for the best ffp hunting scope you will need to consider the overall design of the objective lens as it affects the quality of the image. You should one that has larger objective lenses as you will be able to see the target and the image quality will be unmatched. This is achieved by observing its diameter in millimeters, the more the diameter the best the ffp hunting scope is as it lets in more light and a clear picture will be portrayed. The standard ffp hunting range should have 34 millimeters in diameter and when you are a pro in hunting then you get one that has 50 millimeters.
  • Tube diameter – This is the place where light travels through while aiming your target and therefore the longer the tube diameter the higher the quality image of the target you will get and a clear precision to aim your target.
  • Adjustment Turrets – This involves the MIL or MOA settings for the ideal image which means that you will be better placed if your ffp hunting scope has more adjustment settings as you will get one that suits you perfectly and is enhanced further with the zero back system.
  • Reticle – It is important as it shows you the exact precision of your target. Therefore, when choosing the best ffp hunting scope you should consider one that is illuminated and will enable you to see your target.
  • Magnification – With magnification you will know how far your target is and hence you should consider one that has more magnification and thus you will see clear and more detailed images.
  • Construction – When choosing the best ffp hunting scope you should consider one that is made of aluminum and other coatings as they are strong and durable and thus you can use them for longer without the need to replace them.


The above best ffp hunting scopes under $1000 is made from quality materials and have a good magnification scope which helps you enhance your shooting experience. A thousand dollars is not little money which is why you need to choose a rifle that is durable and made of aluminum and falls within your budget. Having specific needs make your shopping experience easier and with the above products, you can easily get one that addresses your specific need and make you enjoy your hunting experience.

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