The Best Digital Piano Under 700 Dollars In 2020


If you are shopping for the Best Digital Piano Under 700 in 2020 and looking for expert recommendations, then you have come to the right place.

Nothing beats playing a perfect piano. So, what are the best affordable digital pianos for the money?

Regardless of your budget, there is probably the right keyboard that suits your needs. And to help you in your search, I have picked the best digital pianos under $700 for you.

In this modern age, a top digital piano is not only more realistic to play but also has an outstanding level of connectivity and technological features. Therefore, apart from price, there are several other things, like size, length, number of keys, brand, the number of different sounds, weight, and portability, you need to consider.

These factors play a big part when looking for the right instrument.

So, what is the most realistic digital piano? In this article, I have covered the positives, negatives, and the value for money on offer to help you avoid overspending.

The list contains price tags below $700, which are ideal for beginners rather than for advanced pianists.

The TOP 6 Best Digital Piano Under 700 Dollars in 2020 (Review):

1. Casio, 88-Key Digital Pianos – Home (PX-S1000BK)


The Casio PX-S1000BK is considered among the best pianos in Casio’s Privia series. It consists of a cabinetry pack that is unique when compared to the rest and has multiple features.

I will only recommend the Casio PX-S1000BK if you only need a piano, not something to create music.

If this is what you are looking for, then continue to read as I unfold to you the marvelous feature of the Casio PX-S1000BK and why you should purchase it.

The PX-S1000 is considered a furniture style piano. It is not designed to be moved but instead placed in one place. This is an advantage since you can place it on a space you always wanted to fill in your house.

It weighs 75 pounds and fully packed, weighs around 100 pounds. This shows that you will need help in setting it up.

It consists of a simple interface and eight buttons, making it easy to navigate. However, it does not have an LCD display.

But the sound is impressive since it consists of a Multi-dimensional Morphing Air sound source engine producing good sounds.

As I explained to you, the Casio PX-S1000BK can only be used to play and not make music. It consists of only 19 inbuilt tones. But the sound produced is fine and of high quality.


  • Compact design with elegant cabinetry
  • Consist of a three-pedal unit with a half-pedal function
  • Superb keyboard
  • Simulated ebony key tops
  • Comes with inbuilt tones
  • The speaker system supports 40W


  • Not portable
  • Few tones and sounds
  • The keyboard keys make noise as compared to other pianos


2. Studiologic Numa Compact 2X Portable Digital Piano (Numa-Compact-2X)

The Numa Compact 2X is considered as one of the most affordable portable digital pianos. Amazingly, it is upgraded with amazing technology, with a few added features.

Comparing the Numa Compact 2X digital piano with other compact pianos I will review, I can assure you that it is more impressive than the others.

The portable digital piano has a contemporary appeal, making it occupy less space. The compact cabinet adds an amazing look to the piano, more like the acoustic pianos. Keyboards are very realistic, something that you expect from this model.

The keyboard of the piano has a graded action that makes it feel like an acoustic piano. It also has a tri-sensor that gives the keyboard an excellent response.

Furthermore, the Numa Compact 2X portable digital piano contains excellent sounds. There are no modeled sounds but have high-quality samples.

The finishing is stylish and has a black touch, making it classy. It comes in black, and no other color is available. This is not a problem since most people prefer black as the color for their piano.

The controls are straightforward, and the interface clean and simple. The problem is that it has too many buttons, making it hard to easily identify the sounds and other functions of the piano, especially for a beginner.


  • It has a traditional style cabinet resembling an acoustic piano.
  • Has simulated ivory key tops
  • Contains different tones with effects
  • It has an excellent Roland sound engine: super natural sound technology


  • The keyboard is hard to control without an app
  • Needs improvement of the speakers
  • Contains few sound effects


3. Yamaha P121 73-Key Weighted Action Compact Digital Piano

This is also one of the best compact models and portable pianos.

Compared to other digital pianos, Yamaha P121 is much smaller and has a small cabinet. Due to its compatibility, it will not consume much space.

The sad fact about the Yamaha P121 is that it does not consist of many tones or sound effects. It just consists of bare bones. If this is not the type you wanted, you can move on and check other pianos types. There is no room for disappointments.

The layout of the piano is not as user friendly as it seems. In fact, after purchasing it, you may need time to learn it before doing away with the manual.

The piano uses the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) that offers resistance and the lower keys giving weight to the higher keys. The model is touch-sensitive, giving a suitable response when playing.

As you know, when it comes to sounds, Yamaha products never disappoint. And Yamaha P121 contains a CFIIIS sound engine that makes it unique when compared to others. The amazing technology is found only on a few Yamaha pianos.

To add to the amazing technology, you can connect your Yamaha P121 to the Smart Pianist app for iOS. The feature makes it a smart device, giving you a unique, natural, and unforgettable experience when choosing voices and configuring settings.


  • It is built with superior quality
  • Graded Hammer Standard action
  • The sounds are natural
  • The package consists of a lesson program for beginners


  • It contains a few tones and no rhythms
  • Many of its features are accessible only through the app
  • Have no sound effects


4. Korg LP180 88 Key Lifestyle Piano

Korg LP180 88 Key Lifestyle Piano is a dependable instrument. Compared to other pianos, it does not come with many features; hence, many people like to use it.

Korg LP180 is simple, stylish, and sleek with a modern design. It can fit into any part of the living space at ease. It is not as portable as it sounds but can easily be moved, unlike other pianos.

Talk of the sounds;

Korg LP180 has a good sound system that is rich and has a lot of presence. However, the speakers are not as good, and the sound effects are disappointing. This can be rectified through the use of headphones and an external amplifier.

It has the best keyboard, which is enhanced with a hammer action. This makes it resemble an acoustic piano closely. The action is also graded, adding to the realistic feeling.

Of the pianos that we have reviewed so far, Korg LP180 has the largest number of instrument voices. In total, the instrument voices are 30.

It is well organized, and you can easily access them through the use of the control panel.

This gives the piano a quality feel, making you enjoy the inspiration as you create great music.


  • It has a sleek design
  • Quality sound
  • Affordable


  • Few sound effects
  • Not appropriate for live performances


5. Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Yamaha P45 is an affordable digital piano for a person interested in learning how to play. It is built from a beginner’s perspective hence compact and lightweight. It is easy to handle, and one can move around with it.

The Yamaha P45 has easy controls that you can navigate at ease. This aspect is important for beginners who do not need confusion as they try to navigate many buttons.

The keys are top-notch, giving you the ultimate realistic playing experience. They are important for an entry-level keyboard.

It also has a hammer action that is graded. The keys have a matte finish. It is great for your hands when they get sweaty from extended rehearsals; hence your hands cannot slip off.

Talk of the sounds;

Yamaha P45 contains AWM sampling technology, which is excellent and top-notch in producing inbuilt sounds.

The only drawback is the limitation of sounds and effects. In fact, if you are looking for a piano that has lots of effects and sounds, then this is not an excellent choice.

But for a beginner, this is more than enough to start the musical journey.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Portable
  • The keys are fully weighted
  • Few sound but realistic
  • Ideal as an entry-level keyboard
  • Affordable


  • It does not contain any recording or playbacks functions
  • The speakers need improvement
  • The pedals are of low quality


6. Yamaha P45B Digital Piano with L85 Keyboard Stand and Padded Bench

Among the pianos we will go through today, this is the greatest of them all. It is more of a synth and a digital piano combined. It also contains unique features, making it ideal for playing and creating music.

If you have been looking for a piano with many sounds, massive sound effects, rhythms, and styles, then Yamaha P45B is what you need. As compared to other pianos and with the features that it has, I can term it as cheap.

If you think all the features will make the piano clouded, the opposite is true. The control panel is well arranged, and accessing functions and voices is pretty simple.

Like most Yahama pianos, the Yamaha P45B has a CF sound engine, which is amazing to use. The sounds are top notch and convincing. As I had told you earlier, if you need a piano with multiple sounds and effects, this is the best choice. It has more 5oo sounds and over 100 sound effects that you can easily access.

On the downside, it doesn’t have an LCD screen, which makes the interaction with the keyboard not easy. Another disadvantage of the piano is its keys. But it is not that bad either.


  • It has a massive library of sounds, rhythms, sound effects, and styles
  • Has a connectivity option
  • Has a keyboard stand
  • Comes with a padded bench


  • Cumbersome


Final Thoughts

What I have reviewed above are the Best Digital Piano Under 700 out there that are of great value and fit the budget. Truth is, they are all amazing products that would make any pianist happy, especially if you are a beginner.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get yours today. And if you want to read more exciting and detailed reviews, browse through our website.

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