Best Digital Pianos Under $5000 in 2021 (Review)


Are you looking for a professional-grade Best Digital Pianos Under $5000 in 2021? If so, you have come to the right place. This comprehensive honest review of the top 5 digital keyboards will help you to find the perfect product to fit in with your personal needs. Or maybe you are looking for a beginner keyboard that looks and feels like a traditional grand piano? If so, we also have you covered in the review section below.

The TOP 6 Best Digital Pianos Under $5000 in 2021 (Review):

1. Nord Stage 3 88-Key Digital Piano

Best Digital Pianos Under $5000

Available in three different sizes, all options for this professional-grade keyboard are under $5,000. This lightweight and durable keyboard is a great option for any musician, and it is easy to use for live shows.

It features two OLED displays with a streamlined design that makes it easy to switch between programs. There is a split functionality feature with optional crossfades as well.

Although this electronic keyboard is not considered to be cheap, it hosts a multitude of features and its ease of use makes it a sound product that any musician would love to have.

The design of this electronic keyboard features the signature red color that we have come to expect over the years, with a smooth metal that is durable and easy to clean.

It should be noted however that this may not be the best product for beginners. There are plenty of controls in the form of dials and toggles that offer a greater aspect of control for advanced musicians.

The LED lights that are on the keyboard make it easy to determine where each specific setting is at by only glancing down. The control scheme that is featured here is a resounding success and is a major improvement from previous models.

Who Will Benefit From Owning a Nord Stage 3 88-Key Digital Piano

This is a great keyboard that will benefit those who want to have a portable option without the loss of sound or features. For those who like to maintain a level of the organization while they are playing, you will find that this is a great product to accomplish this.

The keys and knobs offer a good amount of control when using, meaning they are not too sensitive or too heavy to use for live shows. It is easy to make changes as the need arises and will be especially beneficial to those who need to adjust something at lightning speed.


  • Great for those who value organization and control in a streamlined design
  • The synth section is simple, almost basic, but works very well and is easy to use
  • Handmade design that is durable yet lightweight enough to stand up to constant use


  • Can run a little pricey for a full-sized model, especially for those who are beginning in the industry
  • Although it comes in different sizes, there is only one color available
  • It is lacking in ports for setting up the proper sound in your live shows

2. Roland DP-603 88-Key Digital Piano

Best Digital Pianos Under $5000

Coming in at second on our list of Best Digital Piano Under $5000 in 2021, the Roland DP-603 88-Key Digital Piano is great at mimicking the look and feel or a traditional grand piano.

It features a streamlined design that will fit into any modern home decor; although it is not as easy to transport between places as others on the market may be.

Additionally, this is available in three colors to choose from: white, black, and polished ebony.

This electronic feature digital controls such as the option to plug in and play the keys with a headphone set, so as not to disrupt anyone that may need a quieter space.

It also features Bluetooth connectivity to be used with mobile devices and applications that are supported and compatible.

While this is a great sounding keyboard that looks and feels like a traditional grand piano, it is better suited for use at home where you will not be moving it around a lot.

For movement, it can be a challenge to move back and forth between your home and for a live show.

Who Would Benefit from the Roland DP-603 88-Key Digital Piano

Anyone who is looking for a decently priced electronic keyboard that has the same look and feel of a grand piano will benefit from owning this product? It is a professional grade keyboard that has a great sound and is durable enough to last a long time even with daily use.

This is a great looking piano that will fit into any type of modern decor without detracting from its designated purpose of providing great sound from an electronic keyboard.


  • Looks great and has the feel of a grand piano
  • The keys have a good amount of rebound, meaning they are not too sensitive or too “sticky”
  • Easy to set up and durable in its design


  • Not well suited for moving between locations
  • The price can be high considering there are not many controls or options
  • The contemporary black design does not come with a piano bench, although the others do

3. Kurzweil Home 88-Key Digital Keyboard

Best Digital Pianos Under $5000

This grand piano inspired electric keyboard is as sleek and elegant as it is functional. With a full 88 weighted keys that feature a full response time a multiple control, you will have the best of both worlds. Coming in at right under $4,000.00, this impressive electronic keyboard is easy to transport and control, with 3-point sensors for increased responses.

As you may expect from a keyboard of this caliber, this comes fully functioning with multiple preset sounds to choose from, to give you the exact sound that you are looking for. This includes the dual effects, which are all separately adjustable with the excellent control scheme provided.

This makes it especially useful for live shows when you are needing to get the sound just right at any given time. While the controls may not be as intuitive or streamlined as some other products on the market, this keyboard still does a great job with what it does have.

Who Will Benefit from Owning the Kurzweil Home 88-Key Digital Keyboard

If you are looking for a modern aesthetic that blends in with a classic design for your home or while performing, this is a great product that features an intuitive design with minimal but easy to use controls. For aspiring musicians, a nice feature of this keyboard is the ability to create and record your songs (although the song bank only holds up to 10 at a time.)

If you are looking for a professional-grade electronic keyboard that is easy to use and moderately priced, this is one that is worth the time to investigate.


  • Streamlined design that is a hybrid between classic design and modern functionality
  • Features professional-grade functions at a respectable price
  • Lightweight yet durable design is perfect for transporting to live shows as needed


  • While there are various sound and controls, it is minimal
  • The integrated speakers are not bad by any means, but you may want to invest in some better ones down the road
  • The piano bench is not included with this product

4. HBIAO Digital 88-Key Piano for Beginners

Best Digital Pianos Under $5000

Available in either white or black and with a bench included, this digital keyboard from HBIAO features a full-size design with weighted keys that look and feel like a traditional piano.

Its durable construction is both lightweight and functional, providing both style and substance that comes in at a great price for this type of digital keyboard.

There are multiple sounds and tones to choose from (960 tones and 200 rhythms) that will allow you to achieve that flawless sound that you are looking for when in use.

For live shows, you can employ the dual-tone effect which will add to the overall sound and precision of the band. When playing solo, this is also an effective way to have more of a dynamic sound.

Who Will Benefit From Owning an HBIAO Digital 88-Key Piano for Beginners

If you are a beginner and wanting to practice on a professional style electronic keyboard, this is a great option that has a lot of good features and is easy to transport.

This keyboard is durable without being too heavy or too light and features an audio port as well as digital functionality.


  • Features a high-quality sound with weighted keys that feel like you are playing a traditional piano
  • Includes all that you will need to get started, including the bench
  • The dual-tone effect is a nice feature that will be useful for playing with a group or solo


  • There are not a lot of fine-tuning options available that other keyboards on the market have
  • The price can be considered high, thinking about the features that are not added
  • While the sound produced is alright, you may want to invest in some high-quality speakers down the road

5. Kurzweil Music Systems FORTE7 76-Note Stage Piano

Best Digital Pianos Under $5000

This durable and weighted electronic keyboard piano from Kurzweil features keys that feel like you are playing on a traditional piano with the ease of portability factor included.

This product may be basic in its design, but it more than makes up for it with the number of controls and options that it includes. There is no stand included in the purchase of this electronic keyboard, although it is incredibly easy to transport as needed.

The impressive technology backing this keyboard allows you to change settings on the fly as needed, and without losing a beat. This is a great product that is ideal for beginners to advanced users, as the streamlined design is easy to set up and change as needed. This is backed by 16 HP, without any type of loading time, and is pre-loaded with 16 GB of content ready to use after purchase.

Who Will Benefit from Owning a Kurzweil Music Systems FORTE7 76-Note Stage Piano

This is a great product for beginners to practice on at home, as well as budding musicians who are playing live shows and creating their sound? It is easy to transport and has enough connectivity to allow you to connect to all the devices that you would need.

While there is no stand included, the price for the product that you receive is well worth it. This is a sound product that any musician would be lucky to have and will be sure to use regularly.


  • Easy to use and control with an intuitive design scheme
  • A professional-grade digital piano keyboard that features a lot of functionality and playability
  • Lightweight yet durable in design that allows you to play as hard as you need without worry


  • There is no stand or piano bench included
  • For those just starting, this can be a little intimidating considering all the controls and options available
  • The headphone jack is on the back of the keyboard, which can lead to the cord being in the way while in use

Who Will Benefit from These Products?

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced electronic piano keyboard user, you will be sure to find value in these products. All the products listed below are highly durable and made from high-quality products that will be sure to last, even with constant daily use.

While some of the products listed below may be priced high for some, they are extremely high quality and are worth the money spent. For budding musicians, you can expect to find many options on these keyboards that will allow you to adjust your sound on the fly. Additionally, many of these products feature the ability to record your music and store it on the keyboard to easily access as needed.


I hope that this review guide was helpful for you in determining which electronic piano keyboard is best suited for your needs. All the products listed above are made from high-quality materials and built to last, with some having a multitude of features for your playing needs. Regardless of your current skill level of playing, these products will be sure to aid you in practice and are great for playing live shows as well.

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