The 6 Best Digital Pianos under $3000 Dollars 2020


Are you looking for the best digital stage piano? Then look no further than the best digital pianos under $3000 in 2020. Digital pianos have hit the market with the advancement in technology and to cover those high-end pianos which cost as much as buying a new car.

With a budget of $3000, you can get a good digital piano which has been made with less expensive materials and is very light for musicians to carry them while on the go.

Many people would love to learn how to play the piano, but the high-end prices are deterring them. Digital pianos have been designed specifically for people who want a cheaper but good sound quality piano.

The sound systems of these pianos are good with the built-in speakers while the high-quality keyboards make it easy for beginners and professionals to maneuver with it around. Here, is my pick of the best digital piano under 3000 dollars.


Who are these products for?

These pianos are best suited for beginners, experts, and classically trained pianist. They have been well designed by an expert to project high-quality sound when playing music with these pianos. It lightens the mood as they are easy to use and has no complicated features.

Beginners will benefit more from these pianos because of the high-quality hammered keys which give them a good foundation to excel in their music career. The keyboards of these pianos are soft and thus beginners will have an easy time changing sound tunes as they learn.

These digital pianos come with many sound systems and thus they can play a variety of music and this is enhanced further with USB MIDI and other sound features for compatibility and thus higher quality audio will be projected which also means that no external audio interface is required.

These pianos are not only the best when it comes to sound but also have the feel of acoustic piano which is the best for every piano.


The 6 Best Digital Pianos under 3000 Dollars in 2020 (Review)


1. Kingdrm’s Weighted Hammer Action Keys Home Digital Piano

This is one of the best high-quality pianos which are durable due to its solid-state. It is the best piano for both beginners and professional pianist with the hammer key action which ensures that keys are responsive and is enhanced further with the 5 levels of touch response.

The sound sampling of this digital piano is on point with many sound levels and thus high-quality sound is produced. It comes with built-in speakers which ensure that the sound being projected is good and it brings out the best sound for every song.

Benefits of Kingdrm’s Solid wood

  • Connectivity: It comes with USB and MIDI connection and thus this digital piano is easily compatible with other devices.
  • Keys: Features hammer action keys which are responsive for both beginners and professionals
  • Accessory: Bench solid wood is convenient especially during live performance


  • 88 weighted keys
  • Power adapter and screw package
  • 5 levels of touch response
  • 128 note Max polyphony
  • 64 tracks 16 channel MIDI


  • The keys feel great and top class
  • USB connectivity
  • High-quality sounds of up to 64 tracks


  • It is a bit pricey
  • It is heavy


2. Roland RD-2000 88-key Digital Stage Piano

Roland is a piano brand that is well known all over the world for making top-quality products and the sound engineering for their pianos are good. Roland RD-2000 Premium is therefore the best digital piano for both beginners and experts.

The sound system is on point and has been enhanced with acoustic sounds which are essential for high-quality sounds being projected from each piano. Therefore, with this piano, you will enjoy all soft and smooth sounds as you play any music track.

The keys of the Roland RD-2000 88-key Digital Stage Piano are soft to the touch and very responsive. Thus, you will enjoy all variety of music without stressing your fingers.


  • Sound: Natural soft sound is produced by this piano which makes it outstanding with high-quality sounds. Dedicated acoustic sounds that bring out the best sounds on this piano.
  • Keys: Comes with powerful weighted keys which are soft and responsive
  • Supernatural sound engines: The 2 independent sound engines work together to produce high-end sounds with 128 voice polyphony for additional sounds.


  • Two independent sound engines premium action
  • Dedicated acoustic sound engines
  • Second supernatural sound engine with 128 polyphony voices
  • Classic electric pianos on board
  • Connection s like USB Type A, USB Type B, and MIDI connectors
  • Eight knobs which have LED status indicators


  • It has many connectivity features and easily compatible with other devices including RD-800 live sets
  • Produces top-quality sounds for any musical task
  • Faster and powerful performance
  • It is easy to navigate during live performance


  • It is very expensive
  • The piano stand is not included


3. Nord Piano 4 88 Stage pianos

Are you looking for the best piano with an excellent overview display? Then look no further than Nord Piano 4 88 Stage Piano. This piano has a 512MB sample library memory for all your music files. The overview is excellent as it comes with an OLED display.

With the numeric pad, you can easily access this piano and learn how to operate it within a short period. It is therefore efficient and very easy when you are changing sounds during live performance.

The virtual hammer keys ensure that you have a continuous flow of music all through and it is soft to the touch and highly responsive.


  • Sound: It has a combination of voice polyphony, triple sensor keyboard, and virtual hammer technology for an ultimate piano experience
  • Great performance: It has seamless transitions and dedicated piano filters for brilliant performance
  • Knobs: Nord Piano 4 88 Stage pianos has 4 dedicated knobs for live performance and 7 spit points for crossfade functionality


  • The numeric pad which offers direct program access
  • 88-note tri-sensor weighted action keyboard
  • Virtual hammer action technology
  • OLED display which offers a great view


  • It projects high-quality sound
  • It is portable and thus convenient
  • Powerful built-in speakers
  • It comes with more features


  • The keys tend to be noisier
  • A split mode is limited to included base sound


4. Korg Grandstage Digital Stage Piano 88 Key

This is a digital piano that incorporates both tradition and new technology to come up with the best high-quality piano. The playability of this piano is of high quality and the sound system of this piano is on point.

The keyboard system has been blended with both new and old technology to come up with a responsive keyboard that is easy to touch and thus gently on your hands and offers unmatched performance.


  • Great knobs: Has knobs for controlled playability and thus you can choose over 7 sound engines built-in for unmatched sound performance
  • Sound engines: The acoustic sound engines ensure high-end sounds are produced from this piano and thus making it powerful and highly responsive
  • Great technology: It incorporates both new and old technology in its building which makes it unique and outstanding piano


  • SGX-2 sound engines
  • Seven sound engines with selected keyboard
  • New sample sound piano
  • Have monaural piano sounds from monaural recorded sources
  • Have 88 weighted keys


  • High-end quality sounds
  • It is easy to set up and operate
  • High quality and responsive keys
  • Backlit keys
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • It lacks a display


5. Korg Grandstage Digital Piano 73-Key

This is another type of Grandstage digital piano with 73 keys and thus incorporates both old and new technology in its making. The 73 keys are highly responsive and therefore you can easily touch during intense live performance.

The built-in speakers offer high-quality sound which is produced from these pianos and is enhanced further with high quality seven sound systems and monaural sounds. These unique sound systems make this piano outstanding and it is the selling point of this piano.


  • Technology: It incorporates both old and new technology to come up with 2nd Gen high-quality products which are high on demand.
  • Sound systems: It has a variety of sound systems making this piano high quality and higher playability
  • Keys: Keys are made up of high quality and thus highly responsive and easy to touch
  • Durability: It is a durable piano due to wooden edges which do not break easily


  • Seven powerful sound system
  • Weights 50.3 pounds
  • Comes with a stupendous sound system
  • Tri censored and hammered the keyboard


  • The easy sound-generating setups
  • High-end acoustic sounds
  • High-quality keyboard
  • Responsive keys


  • The keys are a bit noisy


6. Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano

Yamaha is a popular brand throughout the world that makes high-quality products. Therefore, you can take music to another level with this high-quality piano in which its projects sound that are of high quality and is compatible with other devices.

Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano comes with an Amazon gift card that you can easily redeem and thus affordable and high selling piano. This saves you the extra cost or you can buy any other product on Amazon.


  • Compatibility: It has several compatibilities for easy connection with other external devices
  • Sounds: The built-in speaker’s projects high-quality sounds
  • Keys: The keys of this piano are responsive and easy to touch


  • Comes with 16 track sound recorders
  • Weighted action keyboard
  • 2-part player and 2 parts split
  • Built-in stereo speakers


  • It provides excellent key stability
  • More space for the creation of songs
  • It serves as a monitor for larger gigs


  • Keyboard’s white keys need to be replaced over time



When you are looking for the best digital piano, it is not a walk in the park as there are many piano brands in the market. Therefore, from the above list of best digital piano under $3000 dollars, you can get one which is within your budget and which has your preferred features. They are the best pianos and getting one of them will solve all your needs as the sound system is on point and playability is unmatched by other pianos.


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