The Best Digital Piano Under 300 Dollars 2020 Review


Are you on a budget and looking for the best digital piano under 300 dollars in 2020? Is a digital piano under than $300 worth buying?

I believe every musical instrument, regardless of the price, can meet the musical standards.

If you need a quality digital piano below a budget of 300 dollars, below, I have provided a review of the six best digital pianos on the market worth looking at.

Due to the price, you may notice that these six digital pianos lack some features or parts found in more expensive models, but they still get the job done efficiently and effectively.

These digital pianos have inbuilt music tones and rhythms that will suit you when creating and playing different music genres.

The pianos have MIDI ports so you can connect to other devices to access and download music to use when training.

From my list of the best digital piano under 300 dollars, you will find some models suitable for beginners or kids who like playing the pianos. In this case, the pianos are quite easy to learn and train with.

These pianos are comfortable to carry around when going for classes, or if you want to teach from different areas as they are quite light in weight.

With no further ado, here is a review of the top six best digital pianos under 300 dollars

The TOP 6 Best Digital Piano Under 300 Dollars in 2020 Review

1.RUIXFRU Digital Portable Foldable Digital Piano

Best Digital Piano Under $300

If you need a piano that has both the acoustic and digital feeling, this is a good choice. The best part is that this digital piano retails at less than 300 dollars to fit the budget of most people.

This piano features a foldable form, and thus packing it in the bag and carrying it around is super comfortable and easy. Unfolding and folding the piano takes a few seconds since all you require doing is roll out to use and roll up to fold.

This digital piano has a total of 88 keys that can produce up to 128 music tones. So, you can record different music sounds and rhythms using this amazing piano.

Do you want to play the piano to friends or family members? The piano has a speaker that increases the sound for audibility from a distance. For those who require private sessions, or you do not want to disturb the people in the house, the piano has a headphone port.

Just insert the headphones and play the instrument from anywhere as no one will hear the sounds. The piano is powered by a 17000 mAh lithium battery that for flexibility if you want to play from outside or an area with no power connection. The best part is the battery can last for up to 12 hours.

What other parts will you love on this digital piano?

The piano has the MIDI output that allows you to connect to a device like a laptop to edit your music.

The piano has a thin structure design to save on the storage space, especially if you buy it for your kid

Special features

  • The piano is extremely portable
  • Easy to use to fit beginner and kids
  • The piano has 88 keys with 128 music notes and rhythms
  • Powered by a 17000mAh lithium battery

2. Muslady 61 Keys Digital Electronic Piano Keyboard

Best Digital Piano Under $300

This is another reliable piano worth considering if you need a budget-friendly digital piano for training or practicing at home.

It is a perfect beginner training digital piano as the features are quite straightforward. Besides, the keyboard is equipped with features that guide beginners on how to play the instrument without the guidance of a trainer.

For example, it has the 14 demo songs that you can train with, has 128 tones and rhythms to play around with when creating different music sounds.

There are a tutorial guide and many others. Do you want to access more music apps to integrate with your keyboard or help you play the keyboard? Well, this keyboard has MIDI output for connecting with a computer to access the apps. You can also use this output port for editing your created music sounds if need be.

Although this keyboard retails at affordable rates, it has all the features found on major models. There is an inbuilt speaker, plus audio output to boost the sounds produced by the instrument.

Special features

  • The piano has LED display for guide when playing
  • Uses rechargeable battery or USB cable to charge with other devices
  • Has 14 demo songs
  • The instrument comes with a pedal

3. RockJam 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano with Full-Size Semi-Weighted Keys

Best Digital Piano Under $300

Are you planning to open a recording studio one day and you need to train on how to play the piano? This digital piano from Rockjam is a good starter.

The piano has features and parts that fit both beginner and professional players.

There are a total of 88 full size and semi-weighted keys that give various tone variation when playing the instruments. These keys are equipped with multiple music instruments that you can manipulate to create beautiful music sounds and rhythms.

The piano is perfect for both private and open training sessions. This means that; if you do not want to cause distractions in the class or home, connect headphones to the keyboard when training.

On the other hand, the keyboard also has a stereo speaker that increases the sounds for good audios.

Do you want to learn how to play different music genres using this digital piano? Well, just connect a USB to the computer and start to play, while other music’s play. This is a quick method to learn how to use the available rhythms on the keys, especially for training purposes. Other than connecting to music devices, this keyboard can also connect to music recording devices like external record desk, mixing devices, amplifier, and sound system.

Special features

  • This digital piano has 88 full-size semi-weighted keys
  • Comes with external outputs to connect to other music devices
  • Has inbuilt 24 watts stereo speakers
  • The keys include multiple music instruments including guitar

4. Alesis Recital White all White Digital Piano

Best Digital Piano Under $300- Foldable Digital Piano

If your kid is planning to start home piano classes, I would recommend this digital piano for training purposes. The piano features a super lightweight for convenience if they want to move around with it.

The piano also features great training and practicing features that accommodate both beginner and experienced players. For example, the instrument has the skoove premium essential for guiding new users on how to play the instrument.

Skoove premium is an online training course that provides detailed information and guides on how to play keyboards.

Also, this digital piano has the duet split mode which accommodates more than one person. So, your kid can acquire excellent training at the comfort of your home.

The keyboard has both digital and standard keyboard feeling that accommodate different category of players.

There are 88 full size weighted and semi-weighted keys that are adjustable to accommodate different uses when creating musical sounds.

Other than the usual digital piano sounds, this keyboard also produces music sounds such as the acoustic, electric, organ synth and bass, so you can use them to create music rhythms.

For clear and perfect audibility, this piano has two speakers equipped on each side to boost the volume and the sound.

Special features

  • This digital piano feature 5 voices on the keys
  • Comes with power adaptor for charging
  • Features full size weighted and semi-weighted keys
  • Has 2 20 watts speakers

5. Veetop 88 Keys Foldable Electric Piano keyboard

Best Digital Piano Under $300

This digital keyboard from Veetop gives professional/ premium results and feeling without having to spend too much to acquire it.

The keyboard is super comfortable to tag when travelling since it is foldable to a compact size for easy carrying.

The piano is also light in weight and comes with a bag for carrying it with when travelling. Do you want to train how to play your favourite music genre?

Well, you can connect the piano to devices like smartphones or a computer to access the music online and practice. If you already have the music on your device, you can pair the piano with the device using the Bluetooth connection.

This keyboard is equipped with 88 keys that have 28 rhythms, 30 demos and 128 tones to use.

The keys are also quite sensitive and have velocity, so you can play different tonal variations, depending on the music playing.

With the available rechargeable battery, you are not limited to use the keyboard on one area alone. The battery lasts for up to 8 hours when used no stop, so you use the keyboard from different areas.

Special features

  • This keyboard is foldable for easy portability
  • Has MIDI output to connect with other smart devices
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery
  • The keys on the keyboard have other sounds

6. Plixio 61-Key Digital Electric Piano

Best Digital Piano Under $300

If you have a budget of fewer than 100 dollars and you need a training keyboard for school or home use, this right here is a powerful choice.

This keyboard retails at less than 70 dollars but has classic features to fit beginner trainers. The keyboard is light so you can carry to train from different places.

The keys are super soft and smooth to navigate to fit both kids and adults training.

The dual powering mode ensures the piano lasts for long, especially when playing from outdoors. The keys are integrated with 60 demo songs, 40 tones, and 100 rhythms to fit different music genres that you practice.

Note that you can also use this digital piano for recording music at home or in the studio. For example, it has the chord, sound effects, and tempo control to use when creating the sounds.

Special features

  • The keyboard comes with a 1-year warranty for quality assurance
  • The package comes with note sheet music stand
  • Powered by disposable batteries
  • The keyboard has sound effects


You do not need to spend a fortune to acquire a durable and classy digital piano for training and practicing. These are some of the top best digital pianos sold at less than 300 dollars.

The above reviewed digital pianos are portable for people who may need to train from different areas and are easy to use as well.

Note that these digital keyboards have varying features to fit different music training and practicing.

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