The Best Digital Piano Under $1500 for 2020 Review


Are you looking for a budget-friendly and the Best Digital Piano Under $1500 in 2020? Don’t worry since there are modernized digital pianos at a budget below $1500 with unique features.

But since current markets are flooded with various brands, it might pose a problem when making the right choice. Therefore, our guide has expounded on these digital pianos that will comfortably satisfy your needs.

We majored in its functionality, polyphony, sensitivity, price, design, and the user level, among other crucial characteristics.


Who is it for?

What draws my attention to these brands is that they don’t discriminate against anyone; therefore, if you are a beginner, teacher, or an expert, you can comfortably use them. If you are looking into improving your skills as an expert or as a beginner since they are loaded with onboard sounds and demo songs, do not hesitate to try the brands I have researched for you. Similarly, if you are a teacher, I have considered the dual-mode keyboard for two simultaneous players; hence you can efficiently train your student.


What do you have to consider when looking for a Digital Piano?

As mentioned earlier, the markets are flooded with the digital piano; therefore, you need to know what you are looking for in them. But I have simplified everything for you so that you can quickly identify your preferred brand. Here are what you should equip yourself with;


1 The quality of the sound

Since you will be relying on your digital piano output sound, it is vital to check whether they are of good quality and clear enough to so that you can easily weigh your skills.

So, ensure that you check on their internal sound library and the speakers as this will motivate your efforts whenever you listen to music with a fantastic sound.

With less than $1500, I guarantee you that you will get a digital piano with a high-resolution sound.


2 How portable it is

This feature is based on where you intend to use it such that, if you want it in your home, you should consider a heavyweight digital piano.

If you’d like to travel with your keyboard, it would be good if you choose a portable one. Therefore if you are a student or musician performing in different locations, a lightweight digital piano will be appropriate for you.


3 Connectivity and Polyphony

It is vital to confirm whether it connects with other home devices such as laptops and apps on iPads; therefore, you consider an instrument that will work with external devices. Therefore, this is one of the crucial factors. If you want to create music, a digital piano without a MIDI connectivity won’t allow you to connect it to your Digital Audio Workstation.

I, therefore, advise you to consider a digital piano with MIDI connectivity.

Additionally, confirm the number of notes that can be played without at the same time without the cutting off early.


4 The size of your budget

Since we are focusing on the quality digital piano, their prices are often the determinant factor. All you have to do is a sample out of the best brands that accommodate your budget and then narrow down to your preferred specific features.

I can assure you that you won’t miss a good quality digital piano regardless of your budget size.

Usually, the high-quality instruments are often priced higher than low quality but ensure that you fulfill your needs.


5 Additional features

You are supposed to pay attention to features such as the keyboard, split mode, sound effects, recording, and playback characteristics.

The playback feature will allow you to listen to your track; hence will help you point out where changes are required. When it comes to the keyboard, check the critical action mechanism that should feel real to touch.

Sound effects will facilitate sound editing and hence good music to listen to.


The 6 TOP Best Digital Piano under $1500 for 2020 Review

Having researched and tested some brands, I have sampled the best digital piano that you should consider when making your selection;


1 Yamaha Arius YDP-103

Yamaha Arius YDP-103 is a well-designed digital piano ideal for musicians, trainers, and a useful learning tool for the students; therefore is well loaded with great features.

It is designed to bring the best look with its richly finished cabinet, giving it an attractive look, and as a result, you won’t miss a word from your guests.

You will probably enjoy an essential natural response with this brand due to 88 graded hammer standard keys and impressive pedal control.

Additionally, the key tops are designed to absorb sweat and moisture; therefore, your fingers won’t be sliding while playing.

Consequently, it is equipped with an Advanced Wave Memory sampling, which will help you record the sound and filter the recorded samples.

It also works well with the Digital Piano Controller app for iOS and allows external connectivity via USB.


  • Duo mode keyboard splitting
  • Built-in stereo systems
  • Four reverb effect styles
  • Compatibility
  • Affordable



  • Not portable


2 Casio CGP-700 Digital Piano

This Casio CGP-700 digital piano is engineered with 88 realistic feeling keys, packed with 550 onboard sounds and 200 ensemble rhythms; therefore, these sounds will guide you if you are a learner.

You can also navigate the instrument with your smartphone facilitated by a 5.3-inch touchscreen on the piano. Similarly, it allows keyboard splitting mode, which makes it appropriate for teaching the students and its 3-pedal unit with half-damper controls that stimulate the pedal when being pressed down.

Uniquely, you will be able to polish your work as it comes with reverbs and other necessary effects.

With CGP-700, you will connect to external devices via the USB and MIDI, and its six-speaker sound system makes it more entertaining.


  • A good number of sounds and rhythms
  • Easy navigation
  • Lightweight
  • Keyboard splitting feature
  • Quality sound


  • Costly


3 Roland VR-09-B V-Combo

If you are looking for an easy-to-carry digital piano, then Roland VR-09-B will be your best choice since it is featherweight as it weighs only 12 pounds.

But it gives an amazing functionality as it is equipped with three onboard rotary effects such as an aggressive rock rotary type, which makes your performance sound amazing.

Similarly, it is well loaded with a supernatural music synthesizer from the vintage classic up to modern must-haves; hence it can easily mimic the traditional instrument sounds such as the violin.

If you are a learner, you will be able to access the broad onboard sound library with free downloads from the website of Roland Axial, therefore, making it easier for you to capture and generate the best sound.


  • Customizable organ and synth sounds
  • Broad sound library
  • Recording and playback
  • Portability


  • Fewer rhythms


4 Korg C1 Air Digital Piano

Korg C1 Air is a well-engineered digital piano with incredible sounds and fantastic playing experience, thus appropriate for players specializing in everything.

This brand is equipped with 40 piano songs and demo songs that make it suitable for beginners and musicians. However, you will be able to access the partner mode, split mode, and three adjustable studio effects; brilliance, reverb, and chorus.

Generally, you have assured an authentic acoustic piano experience. What makes it more unique is the Bluetooth connectivity, with external devices, including your smartphone; therefore, you will enjoy your music’s quality playback.


  • Keyboard splitting feature
  • Broad sound library
  • Partner mode splitting
  • Full-range speaker system


  • Costly


5 Casio PX-5S Digital Piano

Casio PX-5S is powered by an Acoustic and intelligent Resonator processor to provide you with all the sounds any performer would admire.

It is engineered with a Tri-sensor spring less with 88 necessary scaled hammer action that gives you an incredible feeling, making it perfect for you.

Consequently, Casio PX-5S comes with onboard sounds and unusual rhythms that will polish your work, generating high-quality music.

You can also connect it with external devices as it is equipped with USB ports; therefore, you can record and enjoy a playback feature.


  • Portability
  • 256 polyphony notes
  • Suitable for generating complex tones
  • Quality sound


  • Cannot stream via an app


6 Kawai CE200 Digital Piano

Kawai CE200 Digital Piano is known for its performance, attractive finish, and of great value; therefore, it could be your best brand.

It is packed with multiple features, including the layered or split keyboard; therefore, you can easily play any two sounds together; hence I recommend this brand, especially if you are a starter.

The CE200 possesses a brilliance control and the virtual voicing, which allows you to mold or polish your sound to your taste; therefore, you are guaranteed a fantastic sound generation.

When it comes to the keyboard, the damper effect, half-damper, and the string resonance will make your instrument realistic as it is also equipped with the built-in piano music for learning and listening pleasure.


  • 20 sounds
  • Harmonic imaging sound
  • Five onboard effects (Reverb, delay, chorus, tremolo, and rotary effects)
  • Dual and split keyboard modes
  • LED display
  • Portable


  • Expensive



With your budget under $1500, you will probably land on this excellent digital piano; therefore, I recommend that you arm yourself with their specifications for an easy selection.

These digital pianos that I have discussed for you cut across all the modern developments in the contemporary digital piano, including the technology, design, and pedals.

Whether you are a starter, musician, student, or a teacher, do not hesitate to place your order as I have provided the link for each brand.

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