The Best Digital Piano for Classical Pianists in 2021


With the lockdown in place and most of us are still working from home, you might be looking for something to do during the weekends to reduce boredom. If you are an aspiring pianist or you love acoustic music, then you may want to try a digital piano.

When looking around for the best piano as a classical pianist you need the best piano that can bring the best bang song, and which improves your skills more. With high-end pianos, you will be able to get the best piano which not only has the best sound but also the effects of the sound are magnified further.

The keys of these pianos are highly responsive, and you will have an easy time pressing these keys.

These pianos are versatile and of ergonomic design and therefore you enjoy exercising your hobby on these high-end pianos. They also come with many impressive features including Bluetooth connectivity and MIDI.

The best digital piano has more hammer action just like acoustic pianos and therefore you will enjoy a wide range of music with these pianos. I have compiled a list of the best digital piano for classical pianists, including their features and buyer’s guide.

The 6 Best Digital Pianos for the classical pianist 2021

1. The ONE Smart Piano Home Digital Piano

Take your piano playing skills to another level with The ONE Smart Piano which comes with a soft and comfortable bench to use while playing. It is therefore the best digital piano as it is upright and therefore you will not stress your joints or back while playing this piano.

It is versatile and has a wooden look which makes it retain the original look of the traditional piano and it is enhanced further with the 88 keys. It incorporates advancement in technology with MIDI recording and can support android smartphones and tablets.

This digital piano is very efficient and highly effective as it can support over 4000 kinds of music and over 100 movies and therefore making it the best digital piano for professionals as professionals enjoy playing over a wide range of sounds.

The LED lights make it efficient to play the piano as there is no time wasted you just start playing this piano within seconds after starting it.

Additionally, the padded bench is comfortable and will ensure that you have an easy time working on your hobby without any pressure exerted on your butt.

It is compact and thus easy to transport and the compact size of this piano makes storage easier.


  • Built-in metronome
  • 128 musical instruments
  • 4000 music and 100 videos
  • The crash course is easy to understand
  • Light-up keys which are convenient
  • Connect s with MIDI adapter using USB
  • Three-foot pedals to help play your piano well
  • Comes with free apps, games and support smartphone and android tablet

2. Korg C1 Air Bluetooth 88 Key Digital Piano

Enjoy soft sounds with the outstanding design of the Korg C1 digital piano which ensures that playability and versatility are unmatched for this digital piano. With hammer keys, you will enjoy a superb keyboard that is highly responsive and will respond within seconds when you press these high-quality keys.

With high-quality built-in speakers, you will enjoy soft and high-end sounds from this piano, and this is more than what professional pianists expect.

Korg C1 Air Bluetooth 88 Key Digital Piano is made in Japan and it has considered the acoustic sound of the original piano.

With the thirty audio sounds from the Bluetooth auto playback, you will enjoy the high quality of these sounds as you play this piano. This makes it convenient for both beginners and professionals will have the best out of this piano as they enjoy maneuvering through a variety of features from this piano.


  • Has 88 weighted keys
  • 3 pedal unit for easy playing
  • High-quality Hammer key system action
  • It is made in Japan
  • Master tuning pitch
  • Has an acoustic sound
  • It is efficient as it connects with Bluetooth
  • Comes in many types of curve selection

3. Casio PX870 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

Enjoy the experience of playing with a real piano with the Casio PX870 Digital Piano. This piano is versatile due to its high-quality materials which have been used to construct it. It is enhanced further with the hammer key system which is soft and highly responsible. You will further enjoy playing on the real piano with ivory and ebony feeling keys and therefore it is the best digital piano for the classical pianist as it exceeds the expectation of a professional. The sound quality of this piano is unmatched as it can play 18 different tones.

The padded bench is a big plus because you will not strain your back as you play but rather you will be comfortable playing this high-end piano.

With the built-in speakers of this piano, you will be sure to enjoy quality sounds from this piano as you play as a professional.

It has Bluetooth connectivity and therefore your playback a variety of audio music with this piano. With the two pedals, you can easily play this piano with less effort.


  • It is black in color
  • Comes with Ebony and Ivory keys feeling
  • It is portable for traveling pianists
  • Features 18 sound varieties
  • Has padded bench for added comfort while playing
  • Its dimension is 23.6 x 11.8 x 20 inches

4. Kingdrm’s 88 Natural Weighted Hammer Action Keys Digital Piano

Kingdrm’s 88 Natural Weighted Hammer Action Keys Digital Piano allows you to enjoy the experience of natural weighted hammer action keys that are highly responsive and smooth on your hands. This will ensure that you enjoy the feeling of playing in a real piano with this high-end digital piano.

The keys of this piano are natural and you will enjoy the ivory feeling and ebony feeling when you press the keys of this piano and therefore it gives you the real experience of playing with a real piano and thus making it the best digital piano for classical pianists.

You will be comfortable while playing with this piano as it comes with a free padded bench and therefore if you have back pained this bench will reduce your back pains.

The playability of this piano is increased further with the built-in speakers and to avoid disturbing other people you can connect headphones and enjoy a continuous flow of music.

With the three metal pedals, you enjoy playing this piano as you sample the different kinds of music.


  • It comes with a free metal padded bench
  • Ivory and ebony keys feeling
  • Has three metal pedals
  • It has 88 weighted keys
  • It has 5 types of responses
  • Natural weighted hammer action

5. Kingdrm’s Solid Wood Home Digital Piano

Are you looking for the best digital piano for a classical pianist? Then look no further than the best Kingdrm’s Solid Wood Home Digital Piano which you will get the experience of playing in a real piano.

Everything is made of high-quality wood just like the real acoustic piano. You will enjoy the high-quality keys which are highly responsive and gives you the unmatched experience of playing with the real piano.

The sound of this piano is on another level and it is high quality with built-in wooden speakers.

You will enjoy the experience further with the solid wood bench which is comfortable and will give you an easy time as you play on this high-end piano. Therefore, the sound and playability of this piano are on point.

It connects with MIDI easily via USB and therefore you will enjoy over 64 tracks of music in over 16 channels and thus it is an efficient and effective piano.


  • It has 88 weighted keys
  • Can connect with MIDI via USB
  • Comes with 64 tracks of music and 16 channels
  • It comes with solid bench wood
  • Built-in wooden speakers
  • It has 128 tones

6. Kurzweil MPG200 88-Key Mini-Grand Piano

his digital piano should not miss on your list if you are a classical pianist and are passionate about playing the piano. Kurzweil MPG200 88-Key Mini-Grand Piano is one of the best high-quality pianos you can find in the market as the playability and sound system is unmatched. Therefore, you will enjoy a variety of music and changing keys with this piano. You can easily personalize this piano with the 6 presets.


  • Features 88 weighted keys
  • Graded Hammer Action Keys
  • 6 presets, 10 responsive keys, and a 16-character LCD screen
  • 200 sounds, 10 drum kits, and 64 polyphony sounds
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity

How to choose the best digital piano for the classical pianist

Digital pianos are ideal for professionals who are experts in playing pianos which help them take their profession to another level. However, there are so many options available on the market which is why you need to pay attention to the following features.

  • The keyboards – When looking for the best digital piano for classical pianists you should consider one that has more keys as it will help you play a variety of dynamics better. Pianos with 88 keys are ideal for professionals and although it is heavy and will be best to be used in one place.
  • Key material – When choosing the best piano as a professional expert, you should consider one that has the matte finish keys, and therefore you will have the ivory feeling like that of the real piano while playing. To enhance the look further you can choose the one that has wooden keys, and this will give the experience of playing on a real piano.
  • Hammer action mechanism – As a classical pianist you should choose one that has the hammer action mechanism which helps in producing high-quality sounds during playing and therefore this is an important feature you should consider.
  • Weighted action – As a professional in playing pianos, you should consider one that is weighted so that the sound is magnified and can resemble the acoustic piano. To enhance further you should consider one that has the graded hammer action and therefore the black and white keys will be heavier just like the real traditional piano. They can also fit in a small room easily as they are compact and therefore convenient and efficient.
  • Foot Pedals – As a professional pianist you should choose the best digital piano with 3-foot pedals.
  • Connectivity – This is an important feature to consider and you should consider a digital piano that has many connectivity features including Bluetooth.
  • Escarpment – Choosing a piano with the escarpment feature is the best idea you can make as a classical pianist which has a bump feel and thus it will make you feel like you are playing on a real piano and get the experience of authentic playing.


The market is wide and overcrowded with digital pianos which can make it difficult to choose the best one.

Digital pianos have been designed to imitate real pianos and they are operated electronically and therefore you should buy one that is within your budget and can address your specific needs.

The above pianos are the best digital pianos for classical pianists and when you buy one you will enjoy the high sound quality and unmatched playability.

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