Best Classical Guitar Under $1000 2021 (Review)


Different instruments produce different sounds. The same is true for guitars. It is not clear who exactly invented the guitar or when and where it happened.

The Spanish, however, do make a legitimate claim to its invention, somewhere in the 16th century.

Today the best classical guitars draw heritage from Spanish history and culture. Therefore, it is not surprising to find that the best companies that manufacture both modern and traditional guitars are Spanish.

Electric guitars have taken over, but there is still a demand for classical guitars. Today, Guitars have used the world over in the art of music. Be it in music schools, at home, or at international concerts.

Guitars come in all shapes and sizes and differ in many ways. Guitars have undergone a revolution, especially in the materials used to build them.

They are now lighter and produce a more precise sound. Be that as it may, they have majorly not changed much in terms of functionality.

Before settling on a guitar, ensure to take your time to do extensive research. A guitar is an instrument you buy to utilize in the long term, so it is crucial to ensure you get the right one the first time.

Classical guitars continue to remain relevant in this modern era of electronic instruments. Artists who still crave that old, classic guitar sound can always find classical guitars in the market.

Online platforms, such as Amazon, have various types of classical guitars. Settling on a specific traditional guitar model can be a mindboggling affair and can turn out to be stressful.

The TOP 10 Best Classical Guitars Under $1000 in 2021:

Below I look into the top 10 best classic guitars that will cost under $1000.

1. Cordoba C7-CE CD/IN

Cordoba C7-CE CD/IN

This guitar has been a member of the Cordoba Guitar group for a long time. Cordoba is famous in the guitar world for creating artistic and high-quality Spanish guitars.

It is an upgrade from the original C7, with the main difference being the cutaway. The strings are attached higher off the fretboard in the C7-CE than they are on the C7.

These guitar sounds are just as good as it looks. The guitar can go all the way up to the 19th fret without losing the tenacity of its music. Whatever string you chose to pluck, if you decided to press down, you are assured of the sound quality in amplitude and tone.

The guitar’s design makes it easy to reach the frets without straining. This makes the C7-CE very comfortable.

The guitar is also easy to maintain. To keep it safe and avoid dents or scratches on its surface, then you can keep in its gig back, which means you can carry your guitar with you and be with it at all times.


  • No loss of amplitude or tone
  • Cedar top
  • High-quality strings
  • Comes with a gig back

2. Kremona Flamenco Rosa Morena

Kremona Flamenco Rosa Morena

This guitar is perfect for those who wish to learn the flamenco! The latest in a series of guitars from the Kremona flamenco series, this guitar delivers an engaging and compelling sound.

This guitar does not disappoint for those seeking that classic and old sound produced by old guitars. It has that snappy and spontaneity sound of quick plucks that accompany the flamenco.

The guitar sounds resonate in a loud and precise manner with high notes that hit just the right spot. The guitar is also very comfortable to hold. Thanks to its size and design, the Kremona Flamenco Rosa Mena is easy to wrap your hands around.

Made of European spruce and Indian rosewood, the guitar gets the low action that is critical when playing flamenco. Its handmade Kremona Arete strings demonstrate its Classic Spanish guitar heritage


  • Classic style finish.
  • A branded gig bag
  • Thin neck

3. The Yamaha Fg840

The Yamaha Fg840

This is the successor to the now discontinued FG740. It has improved features and advantages than its predecessor. It is more reverberating, has a better tone, and projects its sound clearly and dominantly.

Despite being a budget guitar, it has full and beautiful music that is deep and resounding. The guitar comes into two sizes—the concert and dreadnought size. Bigger clients may choose the dreadnought size, whereas those of a smaller size may choose the concert size.

The back and sides of this guitar are crafted from flamed maple, whereas its top is built from solid spruce. Its neck is made out of Nato, and its fingerboard is made out of rosewood.

The guitar comes in two different types of strings that you can choose from. The corrosion-resistant Aluminium Bronze strings that have excellent clarity and projection of sound, or the Steel strings that are easy to press down due to their lightweight and produce a unique mellow sound.


  • Affordable
  • Two size options
  • Comes in different color options
  • Comes with a guitar case

4. Takamine Pro Series C132S

Takamine Pro Series C132S

The Takamine Company has produced this guitar series for decades. It is one of the nylon strings guitars of old.

If you are in the market for a guitar that produces that melodic and very acute sound, then the Takamine pro series 132S should be your choice. Its music fits perfectly with classical pieces.

Its back and sides are made out of rosewood, whereas its top is made out of cedar. Its mahogany neck can withstand a rigorous practice session. Its nylon strings can produce a notable loud sound.


  • Comes with hard case
  • Classical, traditional look
  • Durable and reliable

5. La Patrie Etude

La Patrie Etude

This guitar has beautiful craftsmanship that its rich sounds and harmonics can be easily overlooked. It has a full body sound that is clean and warm that any guitarist would love to handle it.

It is quite affordable for a guitar of such high tones and articulate sounds. Its neck size is more comfortable thanks to its truss rod system. Older guitars had thick necks that made it uncomfortable and difficult to play.

Its top is built from a cedar top that the company claims is only found in cedar trees that are of 800 years and above. This feature gives the Etude its inherent flexibility and firmness. Its strings are the high-quality Godin Multiac classical hard tension strings.

These are the most reliable strings you can find in the market.


  • The quality build of 800-year-old cedar trees
  • Rich harmonics
  • A left-handed brand is available
  • Comfortable neck size

6. Taylor 114ce-N Classical Guitar

Taylor 114ce-N Classical Guitar

This may not be your typical classical guitar. It is a blend of both steel and nylon. This guitar comes with nylon strings. Its sides are layered with ovangkol and come with a solid spruce top. Its fretboard is made out of ebony, whereas its neck is made of mahogany.

Its single-cutaway gives you easy access to the higher frets. Its neck is not as flat or as broad as with most traditional guitars.

Despite not having an onboard tuner, it does compensate by having a three-band EQ and a master volume. Its body style will guarantee you a louder volume than you will get in most traditional guitars


  • Master volume and 3-band EQ
  • Good quality gig bag
  • Thin neck for comfort

7. Alhambra 3C-CW-US

Alhambra 3C-CW-US

Alhambra is a Spanish made guitar that has been in production since 1965. It is ideal for flamenco. The guitar comes with a cutaway that makes it easier to reach the higher strings, unlike the full-body guitar. The guitar has that traditional Spanish tone.

It is comfortable to play with it on your neck, body, or lap, thanks to the cutaway design of the 3C-CW. Its top is built of cedar wood that contributes to the guitar’s clear and warm sound.

It comes with high-tension strings that can be adjusted to high or normal tensions depending on your preference. You can also switch the strings or mix and match them for different kinds of sound.


  • Left-handed brand available
  • Heavy-duty hard case
  • Lightweight

8. Cordoba C9 CD/MH

Cordoba C9 CD/MH

This is a tried and tested Spanish model that is well worth every penny. It was the last of in the C series production line, but its sound quality has always been top-notch. It has that old Spanish look that is appealing to classic guitar lovers.

It has a dominant, loud sound for a few plucks and a clear and warm sound thanks to its even notes that do not distort regardless of where you play on the frets. Other classic guitars require finger power to press the strings down, but not the C9.

This makes it easy to play, making it a top-notch guitar. Its top comes in two models. One is made out of European Spruce, while the other is made out of Canadian Cedar.

The back is made of mahogany, and the fretboard is of ebony. It comes with the very durable Arete medium tension strings.


  • Comes in polyfoam case
  • Old Spanish model look
  • Concert level guitar

9. Kremona Performer Series S63CW

Kremona Performer Series S63CW

This is one of the models in the Kremona Performer series. The S63CW is known for its steady and clear sound, whether plugged in or not.

This guitar is perfect for those with smaller hands thanks to its narrow neck. It is also the guitar of choice for clients who are searching for agility in their guitars.

Due to its shorter length, the guitar is a lot more comfortable to play.

Its top is made out of the most beautiful red cedar, whereas its heavy-duty body is made out of mahogany.

Its strings come in standard Arete medium tension strings though there are electric nylon strings that can be purchased should the need to replace them arise.


  • A deluxe, archtop hardshell case
  • n old design that gives it that ancient Spanish aura
  • Radiused neck
  • Small and comfortable

10. Godin Multiac Nylon Encore Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar

Godin Multiac Nylon Encore Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar

This guitar is the perfect blend of classic sound and modern technology. It features a solid cedar top and two-chambered leaf maple body that produces a vibrant and warm tone.

The neck is slim and comfortable enough for electric guitarists yet wide enough for classical players. It has an infinite scale of acoustic nylon tones enhanced by EQ feedback control, dual-source preamp with volume.

It feels comfortable in the hands but can be a little complicated to operate due to its automatic functions.

It is touted as a fantastic acoustic design for electrified performances


  • The custom dual-source electronics system
  • Solid tonewoods
  • EQ feedback control


All the guitars above are unique and distinctive. The above list may be subjective as I chose those that were the best, in my opinion.

Depending on your taste and preference, you may list these guitars in a different order, and some of your choices may not have made my list. Feel free to choose the one that is appealing to you and your needs.

The above list can be used as a guide to selecting the classical guitar of your choice. Guitarists choose guitars depending on two main factors, sound and cost. The market has a guitar for every guitarist budget.

Recent developments in technology have led to the creation of electronic guitars that can produce a wide range of sounds. Various companies have come up with different techniques to remain competitive in this industry.

For instance, Left-handed guitars are now common and now have adjustable straps. Strings can be replaced, and sometimes you can change the model of the strings used on one guitar for another. Guitar casings and gig bags have become standard for the protection of the guitar.

The classical guitars have, however, not been replaced by the modern electronic ones, contrary to what many had expected. Modern electronic instruments have replaced traditional musical instruments such as a drum set.

Nowadays, the drum effect can be achieved in a studio through electronics such as synthesizers. This means unless you need a drum set it is not a must-have to have the drum effect in your music.

However, traditional guitars continue to remain relevant and have cut a nitch in the market, and only time will tell whether they will survive this digital age. For now, classical guitars will be here for the foreseeable future.

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