The Best Bass Guitars Under 1000 Dollars in 2020


The ultimate buyer’s guide of the TOP 10 Best Bass Guitars Under 1000 Dollars in 2020 – Will be complete a tutorial for anyone looking for the perfect bass guitar on a budget under $1000.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert and asking: What is the best bass guitar for beginners? or What are the best bass brands? or Which Fender bass is best? Whatever the questions maybe, I have got you sorted in this buyer’s guide.

Guitars have been in existence for centuries and are not reserved for cowboys and country music singers or rock stars. Music and dance formed an integral part of almost all cultures around the world.

It is difficult to trace the origins of the guitar as there is little documentation on the subject. Africa can make a legitimate claim on the origins of the guitar however, as earlier stated, there lacks documentation or evidence to support the claim.

Different cultures used musical instruments that resembled the guitar, and it is difficult to ascertain and assign a specific instrument to the origins of the guitar. Strings attached to a wooden device to produce music are probably the earliest design of the guitar.

In medieval times, the instrument was massive in size and was very bulky. Despite the confusion over its origins, the guitar’s earliest form can be traced to Spain somewhere in the mid-16th century.

Since then, the old Spanish model has been modified by different cultures to produce the modern-day guitar. There are various guitars in operation today, such as the Electric guitar and classical guitars.

Despite the decades past and change in culture, the guitar has maintained its traditional and classic design with minimal changes. Modern guitars are lighter and louder, but the standard design and sound have hardly changed.

Among the models created in recent times has been the bass guitar. Bass guitars have gradually cut a niche in the market. Music producers and artists the world over have patronized the capabilities and ranges of the bass guitar.

Rock concerts are probably the best example of the patronage of bass guitars. However, music producers in the 21st century are aggressively leaning on and utilizing modern electronic synthesizers that are wiping out a lot of the old musical instruments.

Even though there remains a significant market for guitars and traditional music instruments, it remains to be seen whether the resilient guitar will survive this new wave of electronic keyboards and synthesizers. Only time will tell.

It can be a daunting task to purchase a bass guitar. Nowadays, some so many models come in all shapes and sizes. Below is a list of my top 10 bass guitars that can serve as a guide on your research of a bass guitar. The main influencing factors in choosing a bass guitar is cost and sound quality.

The below list also takes into account budget constraints, and I have chosen my top 10 bass guitars that cost under $1000.

The TOP 10 Best Bass Guitars Under 1000 Dollars in 2020:

1. Fender Player Jaguar Bass


Fender Player Jaguar Bass


The Jaguar bass looks different at first compared to the other models from Fender but has a resemblance in its features with the Fender Precision and Jazz bass. Just like its slimmer neck design, it is like that of the Jazz bass that Fender produced way back to accommodate jazz musicians.

The Jaguar bass has an alder tonewood body and a slender C-shape neck made of mahogany with rosewood fingerboard and 20 medium jumbo frets maple. Its resemblance of features with the Fender Precision is mostly because of its neck pick-up for having a basic split single-coil that is smooth in sound.

It comes with standard open-gear tuning machines. Its J bass Bridge picks up is controlled by two-tone and volume knobs. It comes in different colors to accommodate the taste and preferences of various guitarists and bassists


  • Alder tonewood body in different color gloss finishes
  • Slim C-shape maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • Standard open-gear tuning machines
  • Alnico V split single-coil P-bass neck pick-up and single-coil J-bass bridge pick-up controlled by two volume and tone knobs

2. Fender Player Jazz Bass


Fender Player Jazz Bass


Bass guitars from Fender have graced the musical stage for decades and will continue to grace our stages for decades to come. One of its most iconic brands is the Fender Precision Bass.

Its unique body is designed has remained true to its roots and heritage with minimal changes to the materials used. It comes in a double-cutaway body that is built from alder wood and can either be in maple neck or with a Pau Ferro fingerboard that replaced his rosewood.

There is a wide choice of colors that guitarist can choose from depending on their tastes and preferences


  • Modern slender C-shape maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard Standard open-gear tuning machines
  • It has two-tone and volume knobs on the bridge and neck area.

3. Washburn Taurus T24NMK Bass Guitar


Washburn Taurus T24NMK Bass Guitar


This offers the bassist an expert sounding and looking bass guitar. The Washburn Taurus bass has its separate look different from other bass guitars. For this reason, we consider Taurus the best in outstanding design.

The body of the bass is made out of mahogany, which gives it warm touch and heaviness to the sound that many guitarists like to have. Its body construction is made out of mahogany around the neck. Its 24 fret ebony fingerboard is marked with inlay dots that are usually found on tailored made bass guitars.

Its dual Washburn, Jystuke designed pick-ups power the bass. They are controlled by two volume and tone knobs. Easy to adjust and tune the bass and comes with a gig bag.


  • Double cutaway solid mahogany body
  • Maple/mahogany neck with a neck-through-body construction
  • 24 fret ebony or rosewood fingerboard with offset dot inlays as markers
  • Standard die-cast tuners
  • Hard-tail bridge paired with a Graphtech Nubone nut

4. ESP LTD B-4E Bass Guitar


ESP LTD B-4E Bass Guitar


This guitar has an elegant look and has a punchy sound. It is quite affordable. It has a neck-through-body design and is built from mahogany that gives it a smooth satin finish.

The slim U-shape neck is a noteworthy feature. It is more robust, especially when paralleled to a one-piece due to its five-piece mahogany construction. It has an ebony fingered top that has 24 extra-jumbo frets.

Equipped with a passive ESPthat comes with volume and a balancer for controls. Its hardware comes in black nickel finish.


  • Neck-thru-body design bass guitar made of solid mahogany in a smooth, natural satin finish
  • Thin U-shape 5-piece construction maple/mahogany neck
  • 24 extra-jumbo frets ebony fingerboard
  • Back nickel finish LTD designed tuners

5. Sire Marcus Miller V7 4ST Jazz Bass Guitar


Sire Marcus Miller V7 4ST Jazz Bass Guitar


This model is built with a double-cutaway swamp ash body. It also comes in North American alder body version that is also a superior wood to use on this type of bass guitar.

Both the 2nd generation Sire Marcus Miller V7 4ST swamp ash and the Sire Marcus Miller V7 4ST alder body version has a 1-piece maple neck with a 20 frets medium small frets fingerboard marked by period block inlays.

The hardware that keeps the strings in perfect condition is open-gear tuners and massive mass standard bridge. The bass guitar comes with a standard gig bag


  • Double cutaway swamp ash or North American alder body
  • C-profile all maple neck
  • 20 frets rolled edge maple fingerboard with block inlays
  • Sire premium open-geared tuners
  • Marcus Miller massive mass standard bridge paired with a bone nut

6. Yamaha TRBX604FM Bass Guitar


Yamaha TRBX604FM Bass Guitar


This model gives bassist the sound performance and exciting features that can only be found on modern style bass guitars but come at an affordable price.

This bass looks beautiful and is very comfortable, which makes it easy to play when sitting like during practice sessions. It is also very convenient when standing like in a live performance.

This high-end model of the TRBX series comes with an alder body and scratchplate that highlights its lovely finish. Its neck is covered by mahogany for stability. It has 24 medium frets rosewood fingerboard that is crucial when playing extra notes on the higher frets.


  • Alder body that has a flame-maple top
  • Its stability is enhanced by a five-piece Neck that is laminated with a 5-piece maple and mahogany.
  • 24 medium frets rosewood fingerboard with off-set perloid inlay dots
  • Chrome sealed die-cast tuners paired with a high mass 4-saddle die-cast bridge

7. Fender Player Precision Bass


Fender Player Precision Bass


This is another iconic model from the brand Fender. Its unique design and neck of this bass guitar have remained unchanged to its original design, and minimal changes have been affected, especially on the materials used.

The double-cutaway body is made of alder wood and mostly comes in all maple neck and fingerboard. It comes in numerous colors, and a guitarist can choose whichever color they please, depending on their taste and preference.


  • For pick-ups, the precision bass utilizes a split single-coil pick-up with a knurled flat-top tone and volume knob.
  • Double cutaway alder body in different color finishes. Its hardware come with standard open-gear tuning machines
  • Can either be in 20 frets all maple neck and fingerboard or top of by a Pau Ferro fingerboard that has replaced the rosewood
  • Standard open-gear tuning machines

8. MTD Kingston The Artist Bass


MTD Kingston The Artist Bass


This bass guitar is known for its aggressive beefy tones that it can deliver. The design of the bass is made to have a beautiful finish and be lightweight. It focuses more on playability and clarity of sound, which helps the guitarist explore their talents to the fullest.

The MTD, which stands for Michael Tobias, the design comes in blue, amber, or red finish but without a pickguard. Its design has given it a reputation of being one of the best asymmetrically designed bass guitars that come with a contoured neck.

Its exposed pole alnico pick up to produce a beefy sound and is controlled by a master volume and a three-band EQ.


  • The hardware is a traditional 4-saddle bridge
  • It comes with a 24 frets medium jumbo maple.
  • Exposed pole alnico MM humbucker pick-up that is adjusted by a master volume and active 3-band EQ

9. Sterling by Music Man Ray34 Bass


Sterling by Music Man Ray34 Bass


This has the Traditional shape of a great bass made from swamp ash or mahogany in different finishes with the middle safeguarded by an oval pickguard. Its neck is slim can either be in all maple, comprising the fingerboard

The Ray34 has sturdy heavy-duty hardware with open-gear tuners. It has the alnico humbucker at the bridge adjusted by a3 band preamp and volume control.


  • Classic double-cutaway shape made out of mahogany or swamp ash
  • C-profile maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard with 21 medium frets inclusive with dot inlays

10. Ibanez SR306 6-String Bass


Ibanez SR306 6-String Bass


The SR306EB has a double-cutaway nyatoh body and has a 5-piece maple/walnut neck construction with 24 frets jatoba fingerboard marked by dot inlays.

Producing the sound are dual-coil humbucking pick-ups located in the neck area and cab adjusted by a volume, three-band bass-mid-treble cut EQ, balancer, and a 3-way power tap switch. It comes in black color


  • Weathered black double-cutaway nyatoh body
  • 5-piece maple/walnut neck construction
  • 24 frets jatoba fingerboard marked by dot inlays
  • Standard sealed tuners
  • Accu-Cast B126 bridge



Many bass guitars are of excellent quality and have great designs but did not make my list. The list of The Best Bass Guitars Under 1000 Dollars in 2020 above is subjective and is compiled according to my opinion and those of 2020 buyers. Feel free to use the above list as a guide to help you settle on your preferred choice.

Different guitarists and bassists seek different qualities in bass guitars. Ensure to choose one that fits your budget and is comfortable to use. Some guitars maybe project perfect sound but are bulky and uncomfortable. This can take away your motivation to play the instrument, especially if you are planning to play for a long time.

Musical instruments manufacturers continue to produce different models around the world. Even though there are minimal changes in new models, manufacturers will have to get creative and innovative ways to remain relevant in the market.

The most noticeable improvement in guitars has been their sound. Guitars continue to get louder and louder. Nowadays rock concert guitars can be heard from miles away.

There has been an aggressive production and patronage of modern digital musical instruments in the new digital era. Only time will tell if guitars will survive these new-age producers who prefer having their different sounds in one electronic device.

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